Sure Seems Like The Newest Metal Gear Lets You Smoke Weed

Here’s a small detail that seems to have slipped everyone’s radar. Like many Metal Gear Solid games, the Phantom Pain lets you smoke. Only this time, the game says that the cigar contains a “medicinal herb”.

While this “medicinal herb” could be just about anything, The Game Theorists argue that the fact the herb alters your perception of time makes it very likely that what the game references is actually pot. Funnily enough, the first time Metal Gear gave players cigarettes, they were actually useful in the last portion of the game, when the facility you’re in is about to self-destruct. If you equip the “cigarettes” then, they mysteriously grant you more time to get out of the facility. They, in essence, slow down time. Hmm!

Have we been playing as potheads this entire time? That would be hilarious.


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