Yakuza 4 Joins February PlayStation Plus Lineup

Briefly: I have wanted to play Yakuza forever, and I'll have no excuse next month, as Yakuza 4 is part of February's PlayStation Plus lineup. Transistor and Apotheon are for PS4, while Yakuza 3 and Thief are for anyone still booting up PS3s. Rogue Legacy is for every platform, and Kick & Fennick is Vita-only.


    You want to be posting the EU version: http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2015/01/29/playstation-plus-february-transistor-yakuza-4-thief-rogue-legacy/

    Leaving PS Plus:
    4th February: inFamous First Light
    4th February: The Swapper
    4th February: Prototype 2
    4th February: DuckTales Remastered
    4th February: Woah Dave!
    4th February: Duke Nukem: 3D Megaton Edition

    Entering PS Plus:
    4th February: Apotheon (PS4)
    4th February: Transistor (PS4)
    4th February: Thief (PS3)
    4th February: Yakuza 4 (PS3)
    4th February: Rogue Legacy (PS4, PS3, PS Vita Cross Buy)
    4th February: Kick and Fennick (PS Vita)

    Damnit! Looks like I will have to renew my PS Plus after all.

    Dammit! just bought Transistor with the 10% off last weekend.

      As a rule i now don't touch any Indies on PSN as it is pretty inevitable that it will end up on PS+ (especially on PS4 as their aren't enough titles to not give them away) Got stung on FEZ in the same way as you with transistor.

        Yeh learnt my lesson now. I've recently moved from Xbox live gold to PS Plus (the PS4 is my first Sony Console), does Sony have a similar website like Xbox's majornelson.com? That site was handy to see the upcoming sales and what would be free on the Xbox store.

    while Yakuza 3 and Thief are for anyone still booting up PS3s.
    Should read Yakuza 4?
    That's pretty poor effort for a 3 sentence post.

    So I guess after a couple in the past 2 months (Infamous First Light and Injustice Gods Among Us), the short-lived dream of retail PS4 games on PS+ is dead again?

    Oh well. Yakuza 4 is fantastic for those who don't already have it. Same with Rogue Legacy - that's a fantastic game. I've got Transistor but just never really got into it... not for me, I guess.

    Sigh. The last few months of PS3 titles on PS+ makes me realize that I DO actually value backwards compatibility more than I thought I did. Firing that shit up on the PS3 is going to be tiresome.

    Can I have the PSN Yakuza 5 date now Sega/Sony pweeasssee?

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