Buff Dude Is Pretty Much A Real-Life Dragon Ball Z Villain

Buff Dude Is Pretty Much A Real Life Dragon Ball Z Villain

Reality TV may not be the best place to find anything realistic, but it can be a good place to find people who would fit right in an anime.

Take Chris, for example. Chris was a contestant in Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge. Broken Skull Challenge is one of those shows where (really fit) people do physical challenges, as the name suggests. Here's a clip, found by r/videos, which shows just how exaggerated the contestants can become:

Chris, despite his screams and even transformation into a lizard, did not actually finish the obstacle course. But that's OK. If we ever get another live-action DBZ movie, Chris should definitely be in it, I think. I can already see him going Super Saiyan:

Buff Dude Is Pretty Much A Real Life Dragon Ball Z Villain


    That guy seems really mentally unstable. The constant twitching and overtly aggressive gestures. I really hope someone after the show actually spoke to him about his behaviour.

    Otherwise that was cringe worthy and hilarious haha.

      Because roids

        That combined with the fact that he is 5'6" - little man syndrome. I don't know how he gets around holding those hay-bails under his arms!

        American military/warrior fetishising culture doesn't help.

    Acts like the guy from the opening scene of Troy. What a dickhead.

    buff dude is pretty much not buff and is far smaller than nappa*
    has psychotic issues

    He went to college and majored in child psychology. With a minor in pain!

    haha reminds me of Nappa from DBZ Abridged: "Vegeta, Vegeta... i'm haunting you!"

    All he needs to do is lose the tatts and gain ... 200kg of raw muscle, drop the body fat percentage to somewhere near 1% and he would be somewhere near 100kg smaller than Nappa.

    That and be able to shoot Ki blasts.

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