Elite: Dangerous Players Are Making Creepy Urban Legends

Watch as one Elite: Dangerous player finds out first-hand just how terrifying exploring deep space can be.

In this (very fake) video, Afrothunderkat finds a strange distress signal while warping. To make matters worse, once they arrive at their destination, their ship freezes — only to start going into a critical condition. For seemingly no reason. Naturally the player starts freaking out and trying to leave, but they can't.

It's a great look at the sort of myths and urban legends that can spread around games — the sort of thing you really wish were real, and that players can't help whispering about. I love it. Even the details are great — look at the YouTube description and title for the video:

Elite: Dangerous Players Are Making Creepy Urban Legends



    I'm all for making weird fan stuff for games, but this one just came off as a bug

    Took me a minute to remember where I'd heard that distress beacon sound before...

    Didn't mind that movie at all.

      Sunshine! What a movie for it's time that shit was scary as a teen!

      The first two acts were great. The third act forgot what kind of movie it was and turned into a stupid slasher movie instead.

    Wow, that ship looks much better than the flying brick I am using.

    O. M. G. I want to play this game SO. BADLY. But I don't want to shit my cockpit doing it... O_o

    One day I will play this game, just don't really want to be roaming around by self as that would be boring. Wingman patch somepoint would be good.

      Well that's handy, that's exactly what the next patch is adding: http://www.pcgamer.com/elite-dangerous-12-preview-flying-together-with-wings/

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