Hacker Builds Machine To Trade Pokémon With Himself

Trading Pokémon typically requires another person to swap monsters with you. But, sometimes trading with someone else is a hassle. And that’s why one guy decided to make the whole trading process easier for himself.

Check out Pepijn de Vos‘s Arduino creation, which acts as a pseudo Game Boy that can hold Pokémon. He can connect his copy of Pokémon to it, and essentially trade with himself. No need for an extra gaming device, or trading link cables, or Pokémon bank. It only works with the first generation of Pokémon games, but still: neat, right?

For those of you curious about how this works, you can check out and download the code yourself here.

(Via The Mary Sue)


  • My word, the human-centipede of recycled content is strong with this one!

    If you follow the trail long enough, you will find the *actual* source of this article’s material

    I find it interesting that it is deemed acceptable to simply cite the first source you found the information on, regardless of whether they themselves have just cited another site.

    • Of course it’s acceptable. You got the info from someone and you cite them as your source……

      They have the video posted and a link to the code which are the literal source and point of the story so it’s not like anyone is being hurt here.

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