How People Actually Play Grand Theft Auto V

How People Actually Play Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar always tries to sell its Grand Theft Auto games with fancy trailers. Moody music, social commentary, beautiful sunsets. The thing is that's not how anybody actually plays Grand Theft Auto.

They usually play it like this. With lots of car crashes. And senseless violence. And... axes to the butt?

This fantastic video was put together by Dustin Kaufman, and shows that even a compilation of glitches, kills and crashes — stuff we've seen a million times before — can be made into something worth watching (and something resembling an actual trailer) with some smart editing.


    This game would have been rated differerntly if this was the trailer

      Onl;y games aren't rated by the content in their trailers, they are rated by the content in the game. In this case, the content shown above was in the game when it was rated by the various game rating/advisory boards.

      Rating would have remained the same. The advertisement however, would have been banned from television.

    But... but following the plot-lines and drinking in the carefully-directed mood and atmosphere IS how I play the game! Everyone else are just psychopaths! How else do you explain the popularity of Trevor?

    I actually don't play like this. It's stupid to assume everyone does but the notion obviously informs the simplification bias of Kotaku.

    Great montage, great choice of music.

    I mentally "oh no"ed at the cat but fortunately it was for naught.

    Oh man, can't wait til March.

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