Japan Has A Technical School For Pro-Gaming

Dream of being a pro-gamer? Live in Japan? Good news! There's now a school for you.

Vocational institution Tokyo School of Anime is rolling out its first eSport curriculum, which is also the first of its kind in Japan. Until now the school has concentrated on those hoping to enter the anime industry and voice acting.

This shouldn't be too surprising. With so much money being at stake in eSports, expect schools like this to only increase.

The e-Sports course has four majors, including pro-gaming, eSports business and promotion, e-Sports commentating, and working behind the scenes in setting up eSports events. Yes, that's right, you can major in pro-gaming!

In the gaming classes, for example, students do things like learn how to do five mouse clicks in a second and practice doing 180-degree spins with with a mouse. According to website 4 Gamer, students study strategies for fighting games, first-person shooters, RTS titles and learn important techniques that might help them on their way to eSports superstardom.

Who knows. Maybe this will be helpful. Or maybe it will create a glut of people spending cash to get into professional gaming.


    Oh my, a real life VGHS.

    You dirty Weeaboo!

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