One Of The Two Guys Behind The Original Toejam & Earl Game Wants To Make A New One, Via Kickstarter.

Briefly: One of the two guys behind the original Toejam & Earl game wants to make a new one, via Kickstarter. The "ultimate Toejam and Earl sequel that the fans have been asking for all these years".


    I'd have no idea what this is if it wasn't for Game Grumps. Pledged!

    No one asked for this!

      I did, in a article where Kotaku asked what retro games you would like to get a sequel.

        I also did, I re-bought a Megadrive a while back just to play again. AH, TO BE MY YOUNG SELF AGAIN.

    There are Toejam & Earl fans? I wonder if it's just the one guy sending out letters and stuff trying to simulate a market for old 'classics' like Boogerman or Bubsy.

      It's like the reunion tour of some 2 hit wonder band from the 80's who need more cash for crack and child support.

        Makes me wonder what kind of habit John Farnham has that keeps bringing him out of his 'final, last time ever I swear' retirement.

      Get yer filthy stinkin paws off my Boogerman and Bubsy. They were classics.
      *starts writing another letter*

        Bubsy needs one more run. Just like Rocky couldn't end at 5, Bubsy can't end at 3D. It needs redemption.

      Huge fan of the original right here. And Bubsy, for all it's quirkiness. I guess you had to be there.

        I was there! He was one of the higher-quality Sonic wannabes, but still just a wannabe - never a contender.
        *puts up dukes in anticipation* Hey-Ohhhhh!

    I'm a gamer raised in the era when Megadrive was king; and I never liked Toe Jam & Earl.

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    I gotta say I am pretty dang excited about this, hopefully it's good enough to wipe the memory of #3 from my mind.


    Panic on Funkotron had some great beats and was quite trippy for the time.

    Damn I still remember riding that elevator and also finding the secret floor 0. Good times but Im not sure if it still holds up

    please be in the same vain as the 1st.... the 1st was amazing, the others were balls.....

    Old time favourite in my family. I was Toejam and my brother Earl. Finding level 0, and found the mermaid on the home world. Exciting times

      What about present island on the top right of level one?

    Loosely-related, I wouldn't mind seeing the gimmick based on these guys:

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