Final Fantasy Record Keeper Heading West

Video: The free-to-play mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper is coming to the West in coming weeks, Square Enix just announced. This is another partnership with Japanese social gaming giant DeNA; here's hoping it's better than that cashgrab All The Bravest.


    Will most certainly be the old SE Free to Play cash grab BS - but looks like its less so then ATB

    From what I can tell its scenes from previous Final Fantasies scaled down into single battles (and in 2D sprites - likely copy/pasted from ATB) theres levelling up and at the end of the scene you appear to unlock a character from that Final Fantasy

    Thing is I cant tell if its a permanent unlock or a Square-Enix IOS Unlock... which means money.

    So far the only place I can see money spending is if you want decent gears, otherwise just grind the levels as they come for basic equipment.

    Still interested to see how it all plays out in English I just hope its not as shallow as some of the rubbish they have posted in the past few years..

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