The World Of Ninja Tourism

The World Of Ninja Tourism

This is from a ninja promotional video. That’s right, a ninja promotional video from a ninja tourist association. No, really.

The video below is from the Igaryu Ninja Tourism Promotion Council. The group has a website and really wants you to visit its museum in Iga, Japan. Ninja tourism!

I’ve been to Iga — I have family in Mie Prefecture. The area has certainly embraced the shinobi, because of the history Iga has as a real ninja stronghold and because, today, the ninja mythos now drives the local tourist industry — even if it’s not always 100 per cent accurate.


  • I have never understood why the mythos of the Ninja evolved the way it did, the truth of it was always far more interesting.
    The whole Samurai vs Ninja myth has always annoyed me the most with its rediculous romanticism on both sides.

    Would still see the shit out of the museum though.

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