When Zelda Meets The IT Crowd


    Roy looks rather sad...

      Because the internet is in danger of being dropped. Who wouldn't be sad about that?

        Ohhh that's what she's holding. It all makes sense now.
        She better return it to big ben once she's done with it...
        Why the sudden moderation???

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      I work in IT support and consider the conditions I work in well above standard.

      I too am sad.

    Is it called The I.T. (Information Technology) Crowd or The It Crowd?

      According to Jen, it stands for internet ... things.

      But really it's internet technology.

        Internet Technology? IT standards for Information Technology.

        In some places they like to use ICT which is Information and Communication Technology.

        "But honestly gen, what does IT stand for?"
        "Piss of june" *hangs up phone*

      When it was aired on TV in England the voice-over would say "it crowd", which was annoying because for us people who work in IT know better! Damn voice-overs!

      I reckon it's kinda like a Rorschach test of nerdiness. A cool guy would be part of the "it" crowd and would call it that. A nerd would know the correct pronunciation.

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