Wwwwwhen A Twitch Stream Donation Goes Horribly Wwwwwrong

Pokemon streamer SherwoodLIVE (via Reddit) finds out the hard way why having a simulated voice announce donations is a bad idea. Dubwee dubwee dubwee dubwee.


    I don't know why I can't stop laughing, but there that is.

      After a while it sounds like "weed"/

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        Dub-weed Dub-weed Dub-weed Dub-weed Dub-weed Dub-weed

        Unce unce Unce Unce *headbanging*

          Double you dub weed double your Debby double you dub weed...

    Wagamama, a Dota 2 streamer, has had this problem for a while. Basically as soon as he turned on Secretary-chan (what he called the text to voice app), it would be a race to see how fast donators could break her.

      Yeah, I don't get why this is now an article exactly, a lot of League streamers have the same problem. Usually very consistently too

    free money for playing games on twitch - you dont get to complain

      Have you ever worked in entertainment, believe me, it's not just "playing games and getting free money".

        You really can't deny that he is really just playing games and get money. Sure he tried to make a fake personality to attract people but seriously, no training needed. Literally play game and get free money.

          And spend time and money making yourself marketable and making your content interesting so you can build up a fan base that is loyal and large enough to make the venture profitable. A lot goes into this stuff.

          I love how power, internet, initial investment in hardware, man hours of setup and potential revenue based on time allotted to task is enentirely forgotten for the sake of argument.


            I guess you did not know, you too, have power, internet, initial investment in hardware ( the pc you are using right now), man hours of setup (what? do you not have a table and a chair to sit on when you use your pc?). I literally just have to buy a webcam and I can start twitch streaming. It is that easy, that is why there are so many people doing it. Electricity is negligible, I am using it to game after all, an extra 10 cent per month for using a webcam is not event gonna dent my coin stash.

            Who in their right mind need to buy a full setup just to start twitch streaming. Are you thinking like some guy that doesn't play game goes like, "oh I wanna stream myself too, time to buy a gaming computer just to start streaming".

            If you want to include basic essential needs, why not include clothing,, his water bill, food bill, school fees, hair cuts fee, sewage disposal fee. Clearly you have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

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              I work two jobs, so please refrain from saying I have no idea what I'm talking about. Regardless, unless you have no job and already play games 16 hours a day, your power bill will rocket. A standard PC will draw around 300W on average, times 16 hours a day, times 5 days a week, times 4 weeks a month, you're looking at ~640,000W of power a month.

              Second of all, it's not free money? He has to do something to get that money. Just because it's something he likes or you'd call easy, doesn't mean it's free.

              And consider, the money he would make would be very finite for weeks, maybe months. YouTube pay out roughly 2 cents per 1,000 ad impressions.

              Please, go pay some bills before making assumptions.

                Not sure how you get the numbers from. I can tell you I work full time with my PC on 24/7 and nope sorry bill is only 150 per month with 3 people in one apartment. Negligible cost and at most of his webcam is supreme God tier, cost him extra 50 dollars per month. I am happy to say my PC is a beast as well.

                Nice try using imaginative number and assuming I don't pay bills just because i said someone is getting free money by streaming himself playing game.

                He get paid streaming himself playing games. End of story. I don't care if his mom died in the process of him playing games. Not my problem as all I can see from my screen is his playing games. Just like how if I see you, you are serving me McDonald's. I don't care what the hell your life is, you are serving me McDonald's. No plot twist required.

                Now please go get some decent job and change your electricity company before spewing crap.

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                  Like anyone who doesn't understand a job, you're oversimplifing it. IT support is just glorified googling, musicians are just glorified hippies, twitch streamers are just gamers with a webcam. If you agree with /any/ of those statements then you need to walk a kilometre in someone else's shoes...

              Well, on this point, pretty much all of those needs need to be covered by the minor income earned from playing games on twitch too.
              Plus, setting up a twitch stream can, and does take hours, with investment in art, assets and the like on top.
              Not to mention, if you're playing pokemon, or anything that isn't natively on PC, you're going to need specialist recording equipment.

              You also need to play games that have enough of a following on twitch to generate attention, without being completely drowned out in a sea of potential casters.
              bearing in mind you will also need to develop a personality for your channel, find a neiche and build it up, interact with people constantly, entertain, put up with morons, backseaters, haters and people who think you've just sat down, wacked on a game and are suddenly rolling in cash.

              I'm sorry, but to earn the type of money one needs to survive, let alone afford additional costs (like, you know, paying for car maintenence, replacement parts for PC, additional products to keep stream interesting ect) or luxury goods, you need to cast more hours a day than someone working a full time job would do.
              This is assuming you already have enough followers to even apply for a twitch partnership.

              If you really think twitch streaming is the same as sitting at your PC, chucking on some League and earning free money, you should give it a go sometime. tell me how long it takes for you to make any sort of real living for it, and how easy it is to constantly be trying to build your follower count.

              Like I said above, if you're worked in entertainment, you'd understand that no, it's not sitting down and doing "easiest thing in the world" and get great money. Go ask any musician, magician, comedian, actor or performer just how easy their job is...

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                Wow. You compared a twitch streamer to people that actually have to work hard for their job. People that literally have no money trying to do gigs to earn money, going as low as begging venue owners for them to do a gig to someone that sits on a desk and play games.

                Thank you.

                  As someone who works in the Music industry, whilst also knowing some moderately successful twitch streamers, I stand by my statement.

                  Entertainment is hard work. There's a good reason many people choose not to pursue their hobbies and passions in a professional capacity. It becomes work, often becomes tiring and requires a notable amount of energy to stick with and make grow.

    After the first 5 W it sounds like it's saying defiantly a W.

    trying so hard not to laugh at work lol

    I don't know if it is the gap between first and last name or something but the pause around 1:18 is funny. He is thinking thank god it ended for the 1 second before it starts again

    Deb will you double you? Deb will you double you? Deb will you double you?

    a guy called renad who streams hearthstone had text to speech on once, went significantly worse


    After reading your post I really wish call this prank was called a "Dubwee Dubwee"...

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