Calling All League Of Legends Players

Calling All League Of Legends Players

Briefly: Calling all League of Legends players: how do you feel about Urgot? Is he really that bad? Are you happy Riot is reworking him, or do you think he’s fine in his current post-nerf state? I’ve seen a lot of talk about Urgot, most not very nice. Since he’s free right now, I’m hoping to get a better sense of him. Thanks!


  • His kit is very out-dated, in a meta where mobility is everything he is extremely lackluster. His damage can be pretty decent, however his ultimate is counter productive to ADC positioning, placing him in the thick of the enemy team in most cases. All in all he is nowhere near on par with champions of the same role.

    • Yeah his ult is probably the worst part about him. Being teleported into the enemy team is always instant death unless you build him full tank.

      • Why would you ult into a full team though unless you could ensure safety?
        To me, this just sounds like inexperienced use of a misunderstood ult (albeit somewhat lackluster)

        • There is never the vision in solo queue to use it up to its full potential. It just ends us costing you a flash. And with the ‘common’ build path on him most of the time you would ult into a full team if you could catch their adc.

  • I personally think Urgot is fine, people just need to stop playing him as an ADC and play him more as a ranged bruiser. He’s much like Quinn, if you take her bot she tends to be countered heavily, in top lane hardly anyone counters her, due to her range and poke. As for Urgot, he needs to be built tank with damage, so essentially a bruiser. In top lane he outpokes everyone, even those pesky Lissandra tops, his early game damage is insane! Grabbing a tear should be your first purchase and then Tri-Force* and then tank items (Sunfire cape and Randuin’s Omen) If you’re doing good, grab another damage item, if not go for Guardian Angel.

    Tear > Boots > Manamura > Randuin’s Omen > Tier 2 boots > Tri-Force/Black Cleaver > Sunfire cape > Guardian Angel/Infinity Edge – that should be your normal build, note you need MR if their team is heavy AP. 🙂 Of course theirs more than one correct path, if you’re decimating get damage items first, if you’re falling behind get defensive items.

    Urgot is fine, people just try and play him in a lane he gets wrecked hard in.

    *Normally you get a Black Cleaver, but Tri-Force does tons of damage.

  • Yes he’s bad. But not horrible. He’s a sub par adc mainly because he builds dmg without critical hit, and also because he has an extremely short range. However, in top lane he is a very strong poke style champ that can do pretty well up until late game.

  • Urgot is an archaic champion that never really made it to the current meta. As an ADC the only thing he has going for him is zone control, however in order to zone people out he has to itemize into mana which is generally a poor direction to go into for ADCs.

    He has a short AA range, he lacks steroids, he lacks abilities that do damage OTHER than his Q and to a lesser extent his E. His ultimate is situational at best and while his shield is helpful, it isn’t particularly redemptive considering his other abilities and his role. While the shield can be used to help escape (as you can also slow enemies with it), it’s not as good as an actual escape or CC.

    He’s also ugly and not in a cool way. Just like ugly ugly.

    Building him as a bruiser/tankier as an alternative build generally means strong zone control again but lack of an escape hurts him. He won’t do amazing damage like Riven and he cannot do anywhere near the same amount to assist the team as many other toplaners.

    Overall Urgot needs the rework. He needs to be made less binary than simply landing E so you can get a million Q’s off.

  • His Kit is weird.

    He’s designed like a Tanky ADC (attack damage carry), because of this, he does is not very tanky and cannot keep up with other ADC damage.

    Most ADCs have an ability to boost damage or have a mobility option.
    Most tanks make of for their lack of damage with crowd control effects like stuns or area of effect attacks.

    Urgot is sort of in between and doesn’t really benefit from either side of the equation, instead falls mediocre in all situations. He’s there to help when he can but isn’t ever really a game changer like the roles he’s a combination of.

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