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While there's plenty of options for buying digitally these days, the act of physically buying games from a store hasn't gone away. So for this week's Tell Us Dammit, I'd like to know: how many games have you still bought at retail?


I had this conversation on my Facebook recently and it went absolutely ballistic, so I thought I'd bring it to Kotaku.

Best Back-To-Back movies by a single Director. What are your favourites?

Top of my list: Ridley Scott with Alien and Blade Runner. Imagine making those two movies back-to-back.



When I was a kid, I begged my parents for a Game Gear. When I eventually wore them down, they bought me the handheld, along with six games — but I only had the courage to play five of them.


Earlier this week Xbox announced they were changing their home page, again. I haven't played around with it, but it offers a good chance to have a chat about what kind of features people do want from their consoles.


Friends, I really don't need to play another game of Splendour as long as I live.

Every time my wife's family comes over for dinner, lunch or just to hang out generally it takes roughly 30 minutes to go from "how was your day?" to "hey, who wants to play Splendour?"

What board games do you play a lot? Help me out here, I'm looking for recommendations.


Just recently a colleague took a picture of their board game collection and mused, "What games should I bring?" It was a question for a board game night, but it made me think of the very reasonable question: what board games have you been playing lately?


It's been a super good last couple of months for TV, with a new Game of Thrones, Glow, the Castlevania series and the season's stack of new anime. But over the last few weeks, I've been watching something a little older.


Last night against many odds, which included inextricably putting my gun away while I was being shot, I managed to win my second squad chicken dinner in Battlegrounds. And it felt great - but it also reminded me of all the clutch situations I used to find myself back in my Counter-Strike LAN days.


So while Nintendo are busying making mini consoles and third parties are keeping the Mega Drive alive, Atari is also making ... something. Let's assume it's not a AAA console for a second, but something that leverages Atari's rich history.

What games would you want to play?


So it's finally confirmed: after smashing up the Himalayas, Africa, Micronesia, and somewhere in the Pacific, Ubisoft's next open world is going to focus on tearing up Montana, a state on the Canadian/US border.

Sounds interesting. But if you were given the choice of recreating a location for Ubi's next open-world game, where would you go?