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It's no secret that I love Journey. The experience of wandering the desert with a total stranger. Working together through obstacles as you make a rudimentary chirping noises to try and communicate with each other.

Yet despite the many times I've played it, no moment will ever top the first time that I played Journey.


Having spent a lot of time playing Cricket 97 on my Surface laptop, I thought it'd be reasonable to get a replacement on my phone. So I loaded up a game from an Aussie developer. The gameplay was pretty good, the action was smooth.

But as hard as I tried, there was something that I simply couldn't get past.


Recently we asked what maps, moments or scenes in video games caused you to lose the plot or reach for ALT+F4. And people responded with some of the most incredible tales - so here's a selection of the best.


I've spent a lot more time catching up on TV of late, not so much because I wanted to but because that's where the aircon is. And not wanting to stop gaming, I've been passively playing something in the background.


Now that my wrist has improved and I'm not wearing a brace as much, I've been spending the last few days getting to know PUBG's desert surroundings a little better. And given that part of the PUBG experience is the intensity of the final 10, it gave me a thought for this week's Tell Us Dammit.


Nobody likes to lose. We hardly ever set out to intentionally fail. But just because it wasn't the goal doesn't mean losing is always bad. Often seeing the dreaded "Game Over" screen a number of times makes finally winning all that much better. And on rare occasions losing is what makes a game so much fun to play.


I have a feeling that this year might not have the same level of quality as 2017, but there are still some humdingers en route.

What am I looking most forward to? I'm gonna be boring and say Red Dead Redemption 2. Its an obvious choice, but hard to see how this game isn't incredible.

Give. It. To. Me.


Some people loved it, some people hated it, but The Last Jedi got everyone talking. No matter what camp you're in, today I'm wondering: what changes would you have made to The Last Jedi if you were in the director's chair?


Online handles have been for almost as long as the internet has been a thing. Some people flit between nicknames while others end up stuck with one for a long, long time. There's usually a story behind the name, what's yours?


While playing through a recently-released role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch, I got to thinking. Wouldn't it be great if, instead of simply turning voice-over on or off, we could selectively mute individual characters? Who would you silence?

Aside from Tidus.


How do you pick just one favourite? With countless game series from Mario to Mario Kart, from Final Fantasy to The Sims there are endless choices series that have worked their way into our hearts.

What's your favourite?


Earlier today we were talking internally about Horizon: Zero Dawn, how some of us have finished it, those who haven't, and those who are replaying it again. Some are going back to the game ahead of the expansion next week, which got me wondering how often we really replay a game.