First-Person Mod Lets You Walk Cities: Skylines' Streets

First-Person Mod Lets You Walk Cities: Skylines' Streets

First-person? In a city builder? It might sound strange, but there's nothing quite like getting your city humming along to a perfect, efficient rhythm and then having a leisurely look around. Now you can see all of Cities: Skylines' smallest details.

The mod, along with thousands of others (already!), popped up today, one day after Cities: Skylines' release. It does exactly as advertised, adding first-person WASD controls to a game often "best" viewed from a top-down perspective. You can grab it on Steam Workshop with a quick click.

So there you go. Now you can fly around your city at a million miles per hour and admire your handiwork up close, or you can try to take things slow — pretend you're out for a nice walk, taking in the sights. Occasionally, it's downright breathtaking, even if the people, structures and streets are kinda low-poly. Of course, this will also give you a chance to observe how nonsensical some of the game's traffic and human AI behaviours are, but I suppose that can also be its own sort of fun.

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    Might try this tonight. I'm still hooked on this game at the moment. How about a kotaku guide to the best mods that are out so far?

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      Most of the mods are intersection pieces but the agri-field set is pretty nice.
      I personally installed the Chirpy Exterminator mod that removes the Twitter-clone, since they repeat so very frequently.
      Automatic Bulldoze is good in theory, but it means you can't identify what the reason was for said structure's destruction.

      In general, most of the maps are well done. I downloaded a Brisbane map and gave it a bit of a spin, though it didn't meet my strange personal requirements for a starting tile (requirements that I can't put into words since they are constantly changing).

      Otherwise, I'd really recommend using the in-game Asset Tool to create your own intersections and road pieces. That way you can plan them out and get them sorted without spending your in-game budget.

    I remember Streets of Sim City doing a similar thing. I'd love to see a Street Racer mod pop up for one of these modern city builders.

    The Itty Bitty City Committee is already hard at work?

    Might get on to this.

    Nice! In Cities xl, the camera was able to zoom right in on street level which was as close as you could get to first person view but this looks much nicer.

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