Modding Group Wins Over $200,000 In Official Arma 3 Contest

Modding Group Wins Over $200,000 In Official Arma 3 Contest

Bohemia Interactive, developers of the Arma military FPS series, announced a modding contest, called Make Arma Not War, way back in December 2013. They offered modders a combined €500,000 ($695,000) in cash prizes in exchange for Arma 3 mod submissions in five different categories. Recently, they revealed the list of winners.

There was also a special “Health Care in Danger” award, sponsored by the Red Cross, given to the mod submission that “covered the topic of health care in danger the best.” The winner in this category is the Pilot Civilian Air Rescue On Missions mod which, as its name implies, is a pack of single-player missions where you’re tasked with piloting a search and rescue helicopter. Here, the prize is a one-week trip to a Red Cross mission in a foreign country.

In the three remaining categories, cash prizes of €50,000 ($70,000), €30,000 ($41,700) and €20,000 ($27,800) to the first, second and third best mods, respectively. The top pick for the Singleplayer mod category is Resist, which follows the struggles of a group of NATO soldiers.

The winner in the Multiplayer mod category is the King of the Hill mod, which keeps things interesting with a persistent soldier experience and monetary system.

And finally, here’s the winner of the Addon category: the Task Force Arrowhead Radio, which seamlessly integrates Teamspeak servers into the game for realistic voice communication.

Check out Mod DB’s report for the full list of winners.