Mod Turns Serious Military Shooter Into Giant Halo Game

Mod Turns Serious Military Shooter Into Giant Halo Game

Operation: TREBUCHET is a mod for military simulation ArmA III that transforms it from a realistic armed forces shooter into a massive Halo game.

While it’s been in development for a few years now, there’s a new trailer for the project that looks fantastic:

Named for the UNSC’s war against insurrectionists just before the Covenant invasion, Trebuchet is a total modification for ArmA III that changes almost everything about the original game, adding stuff like custom Halo UI to vehicles and weapons, new buildings and even Halo-appropriate environmental props.

The idea isn’t to just turn everyone into a Spartan and let you go at it; instead the mod wants you to experience space war from a grunt’s perspective, and “bring the popular Halo Universe into a more realistic setting by introducing it into Arma 3.”

Trebuchet is currently in alpha, and you can check it out at the project’s Steam page.


    • I swear I must be weird. I loved Halo, hated 2, cared little about 3, loved ODST, hated Reach so much I ragequit at yet another terrible checkpoint and never finished it, and loved 4. Never played 5.

      Everyone else seems to love the ones I hate.

    • I believe for halo fan projects its something along the lines of. If you make the assets yourself (don’t use ones ripped from an actual halo game) and don’t monetise it you are A-OK, there have been other bigger things that you’d think would be shut down that haven’t been so i think this will be alright.

    • not likely to happen as Halo Waypoint have had good look at the mods development so far and have done an interview with the mod team

    • Microsoft has a fairly good history of letting fan projects use Halo. Hence why Red vs Blue is entering it 16th season this year.

      With fan games I am fairly certain they have given their blessing for this mod already as well as the Halo PC Multiplayer clone Installation 01, though if someone more knowledgeable about this knows more take their word over mine.

  • Love the name (referencing anything from a halo book will get me excited) and the content looks great, makes me actually interested in getting Arma III

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