Big Halo Mod Drags The PC's 2003 Original Into 2019

There’s an official Halo remaster coming soon, but if you can’t wait that long, you could always try SPV3, a “total overhaul” of the 2003 PC version of the original game that changes ... well pretty much everything.

In addition to a visual overhaul (which isn’t as sweeping as MCC’s official work, but is still impressive!) there are new enemies, new weapons and even six more levels to the campaign.

You can download SPV3 here.

Mod Turns Serious Military Shooter Into Giant Halo Game

Operation: TREBUCHET is a mod for military simulation ArmA III that transforms it from a realistic armed forces shooter into a massive Halo game.

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Modders Spent 3 Years Rebuilding Halo's Best Level

The Silent Cartographer is Halo's best single player level: the pacing, the scale — at the time — was breath-taking. Now industrious modders have taken that original level, and rebuilt the entire thing from scratch from the ground up.

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    Does it have co-op?

      Nope. Only single player

    What is the least expensive way to buy Halo PC?
    I bought it many, many years ago, but have no idea where the disc would be.

      Late answer. But i would say if you have bought it and still have it somewhere you are 100% A-OK to just pirate it and play that copy. Objectively no moral quandary doing so.

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