Mod Turns Halo Into Serious Military Sim

Mod Turns Halo Into Serious Military Sim

I’m sure there are Halo fans out there who are super into the universe but feel like the actual combat of the series is too, I don’t know, comical. This mod for ArmA III will fix that for you and then some.

It’s looking to take ArmA — normally a very serious military simulation set in the present day — and reskin it so that’s about Halo’s UNSC v Insurrectionists civil war.

It looks pretty good! I especially like the way they got the ODST’s drop pods working. Be warned, though, Halo fans; this is a very different shooter experience to Bungie/343’s series, so if you’re new to it just for this mod, maybe do some tutorials first, so you’re not getting your head blown off the second you run into bad guys.


    • I was one of the guys doing the Halogen mod back in the day CnC general Halo mod.

      that got DCMA’d hard

      • they only DMCA mods when they are making a completing game. There was a very awesome halo mod in the works for C&C Zero hour 10 years ago it went along ok for sometime, but then Mircosoft DMCA’d it just before they announced Halo Wars. WB did the very same to the loTR mod for skyrim/oblivion, DMCA just before Shadows of Mordor was announced.

  • ARMA 3 has various speeds of movement for infantry so I really can’t wait to see how they will incorporate that in to serious teabagging improvements!!

    I’m kidding, this looks really cool

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