I Can't Believe This Incredible Halo Mod Is *Actually* Halo...

When I think about mods I think about games like Skyrim or Minecraft, PC centric games that find new life through the hard work of some incredibly talented fans.

I don't think of a game like Halo, one of the most console specific games ever made.

Of course, the original Halo (and Halo 2) were released on PC, but I think its fairly safe to say Halo is famous for being a console shooter, perhaps the most famous console shooter ever released. So watching the results of this mod by Custom Mapping Team, a collective featuring some of the best modding talents out there.

This is actually super old, but it's the first I'm seeing of it, so I thought you guys and girls might like a chance to check it out.


    Dude, this is actually super old, but it’s not the first I’m seeing of it. Why would you even think of posting something that we might have already seen? I thought this was a news site. Jeez Mark.

      Wow, settle petal, this is a gaming APPRECIATION site, where we can appreciate news while highlighting awesome things that may have slipped through the cracks for some. No need for you to presume that all the world knows about every single mod that has ever existed - your pretentiousness is extremely unbecoming.

        He's just joking with me! But thanks man, I appreciate it!

        yeah, to be clear, im only joking to take the piss out of people who usually complain about posts like this on Kotaku (I thought starting by quoting his last line word for word would have made it a bit more obvious, but at least Mark got it).

        I guess that's the problem with sarcasm on the internet, it's never easy to tell if it's serious or not. Now let's all have another coffee and get on with our Monday shall we?

          You needed more smiley faces at the end so we knew you where joking. :D :p

          I thought it was obvious you were joking! Never take anything on the internet to heart.

          My bad! And it's true, smiley faces can never be simply implied because the internet is full of dummies like me with no sarcasm detectors :P

            it's all good man. To be honest I'm happy to see more people jumping up to defend the site rather than just hating on anything that gets posted....even though my sarcasm wasn't quite clear enough this time, next time will be including smileys just to be sure :D

      dno if joking or bipolar, but i haven't seen it yet :\

    This video is strange. With the music and the way the guy talks and sounds, it's like he did the commentary for it in 1973.

    A much better Halo game then 4.

      Than* Don't know. Haven't played 4. I personally didn't like number 2. But really loved number 1. 3, not so much. Reach was ok, not as good as 1.

        2 is where the "split" between players happened. 3 was a much more improved version of 2. ODST is what 3 would be if it was a sequel to 1. Reach is what a sequel to 1 would be (which is why I loved it).

        ...4 is half a sequel to 2 and half made up.

    Funny how it was originally destined for the Mac before becoming the headliner for MS's console.

      Seems like the perfect game for Apple users really, "Babies First FPS." ;)

    So its the PC edition of the anniversary done by the community I would guess yeah?

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