Ramen Has Never Been This Lewd Or Perverted

Ramen Has Never Been This Lewd Or Perverted
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What kind of ramen do you expect from a game that revels in ridiculous breast physics? I guess you’d expect something like this.

Ah, Senran Kagura. If you haven’t been keeping abreast, the game originally debuted on the Nintendo 3DS because its creator wanted some 3D boobs. Yes, that game. To date, there have been multiple video games, several manga, an anime series, a pile of collectible figures and now a ramen collaboration.

Senran Kagura has teamed up with several well-known ramen restaurants for what’s being called, and I quote, “An Enormous Breast Ramen Festival” (爆乳ラーメン祭り or “Bakunyuu Raamen Matsuri”). Until April 5, five noodle restaurants in Tokyo are serving their own Senran Kagura noodle dishes that you would not exactly call subtle.

Let’s have a look at some of the lewdest ramen the world has ever seen:

Oh come on, that’s not so bad. Lighten up!


Gah. Has it really come to this?

The participating restaurants include Yarou Ramen in Tokyo’s geek district Akihabara, Akihabara Ramen Ichihana, and Ramen Tsumugi, which is also in Akihabara. I know, I know. I’m shocked to see something like this in Akihabara, too!

While the festival is being introduced on major game sites like Dengeki Online, the above images were posted on web forum 2ch, where the reaction was, well, not good. “This is too crass,” wrote one commenter, while another quipped, “Food is not a plaything.”

Others said the ramen seemed “creepy” or that ordering — or eating — this kind of ramen in public would be difficult. “I’ll just make this at home,” wrote one commenter. You do that.


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