Speedrunner Misses Beating His Own Ocarina Of Time Record By Two Seconds

Speedrunner Misses Beating His Own Ocarina of Time Record By Two Seconds

"No, no, no, no," said the speedrunner, as he realised his last-second mistake.

Speedrunner ZFG holds the world record for beating The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time under the 100% speedrun condition, clocking in at four hours, 25 minutes, and 25 seconds. 100% of Ocarina of Time means tracking down and obtaining all health pieces, upgrades, etc.

The speedrunning reddit noticed his latest run was four hours, 25 minutes, and 26 seconds.


ZFG regularly streams Ocarina of Time on his Twitch channel, and was gunning for his world record attempt yesterday.

"I swear that wasn't on purpose," he said. "My setup there is bomb, jump-slash, turn around, set bomb. I didn't press B. I pressed B too fast and it didn't register."

He missed matching the old record by a single second and beating the record by two seconds. At the end of his run, a single mistake may have cost him from setting the record a tiny bit lower.

He took it in stride though. As soon as the run was over, he just sighed.

"Well, that was a fun run."


    That happens to me most days, when I try and get a perfect in some Extreme Project Diva F 2nd songs. I millisecond either way and I can end up getting a single 'SAFE' note out of 700 or 800 notes, denying me the perfect. Even when you do get a perfect, you try and beat your score by getting more 'COOL' notes and less 'GOOD' notes, which is even more precisely times.

    I do feel for this guy that he stuffed up right near the end. I used to get pissed off when I stuffed up near the end of a 10 minutes Mirror's Edge chapter speed run.

    Yeah he was off by two seconds, but what's the point of equalling or even beating your time by one second? It's not like a second is a large percentage of the total time. I'm all for improvements and finding perfection, but this article isn't doing it for me...

      1 second is alot of time to speedrunners and improving your time strengthens your record

        Actually, ZFG admitted to throwing the run so he wouldn't have to upload it.

        He then went on to beat the world record with his next run

      When you're talking the world record for something, a second can make all the difference.

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