The Glowing NiGHTS Statue Of Your Dreams

The Glowing NiGHTS Statue Of Your Dreams

The next statue in First 4 Figures’ Sega All-Stars line is a character from a game too good for a proper sequel. NiGHTS Into Dreams was perfect, and the statue follows suit.

While the 2007 sequel was ok, the 1996 Sega Saturn original was one of the best reasons to own the console, and one of the few reasons to own its special 3D analogue game pad. Endlessly spinning, swooping and diving through colourful dreamscapes, it’s the kind of gaming experience I’ll one day share with my children.

Until then, maybe I can find a spot in their room (far out of their reach) for the Exclusive version of First 4 Figures NiGHTS statue, with its lovely glowing crescent moon.

Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide, the 32cm, $US235 piece captures the spirit of the game in one perfect moment of time. NiGHTS is poised to swoop — the urge to grab the expensive statue and swing it around in the air will be hard to resist.

For the more frugal of fans the standard edition without glowing moon is available for preorder for $US210, which tells us that glowing moons cost $US25.

There’s only one part of the statue that concerns me.

Perhaps the Saturn’s processing power wasn’t up to par, but I do not remember this level of definition, and believe me I would have.


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