The Grand Finals Of The 2015 Call Of Duty Championships Are Happening Today.

The grand finals of the 2015 Call of Duty Championships are happening today. Which of the 32 competing teams is going to walk away with $US400,000? Head over to the Major League Gaming event site to watch live and see which 29 teams are definitely not winning.


    Oh...didn't know people actually took that game seriously.

    I can picture it now. Two teams of 12 year olds, claiming to have slept with the opposite teams mothers, Mountain Dew and Dorito sponsorship flags everywhere, the whine of the crowd (also 12). Terrifying, terrifying stuff

      ...incessant anti-Semitic and homophobic insults, some asshole constantly crunching on chips into a live mic (goddamn that's fucking annoying!!), a myriad of calls of "campers", "hackers" and "bitch", etc...

      (Heh, and yeah, someone's always bleeting about fucking someone else's mother! :p )

    You guys laugh all you want with the stereotype gamers. These e-sports are getting bigger every year. The prize money are sometimes more than your current "Sports" prize pools. One day this will become main stream especial once more corporates realise how much money these events generate.

      You must be new here. Most of us are well aware of the emerging significance of e-sports. Most us actually watch a lot of the events. It's just very few of us watch CoD or take it seriously, thus the jokes.

      Yeah, given this is Kotaku, 99% of us are more than aware of esports, and quite a lot of those follow one or more of them. But CoD is a joke as far as competitive shooters go

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