The World’s Worst GTA U-Turn

The World’s Worst GTA U-Turn

On today’s Highlight Reel we have traffic violations in GTA V, deadly rocks in H1Z1, grappling hook action in Hardline and more!

Highlight Reel is Kotaku’s regular roundup of great plays, stunts, records and other great moments from around the gaming world.


  • I need to know from someone, anyone who owns Battlefield Hardline. WHY DID YOU BUY IT. It boggles my ind that A) They made it and B) PEOPLE BUY IT. I literally looks the same from what I played of the beta is the same as 4. Just a few new maps by the looks of it. It really is bothering me that they can get away with it.

    • I know right! It’s so weird that like, people want to play games that other people may not necessarily enjoy? Having opinions and preferences on what games you want to play is sooooo lame.

      • I didn’t say I don’t enjoy Battlefield, I just don’t understand why people are so ok with paying a ridiculous amount of money for a game that looks like that it was thrown together for no real reason at all and has no real effort put into it.

        Consider the shitfest that BF4 was when it was released with the large of amount of bugs it has and still has, I don’t understand why ANY company would release another tittle so soon. All the videos I have seen of it just look like BF4 in a small section of a city. Filled with bugs, stupid “easter eggs” which makes the game looks even more stupid than it is. Have a look at these prices below. It’s a joke.

        Battlefield Hardline Premium Edition (PC) – A$127.37 – Gamesdeal
        Battlefield Hardline PC Game – A$72.99 – ozgameshop

        • The pricing of the game is a scam however I only got a refund after I saw that it had day one DLC.

          Unbelievable that they launch it with less guns and maps than BF4 had at launch AND then try to sell you three of the guns they held back for 10 dollars.

    • I bought it, and I can think of a number of reasons someone might do so, regardless of my own. Maybe they enjoyed the beta and wanted more of what it offered? Maybe the police-themed gameplay adapted into Battlefield was something they were interested in trying out? Maybe they have friends with the game and want to play multiplayer with them? Maybe they haven’t played a Battlefield game in a while and wanted to get back on board? Or maybe they played 4, enjoyed it, and just wanted some more Battlefield?

      What they aren’t doing, thankfully, is bitching people out on Kotaku for buying and playing whatever they damn well please.

  • unless i really want to play a game right from release i never buy until maybe 6 months after release when they are cheaper or even i will buy used for the console and new through steam for the pc when on special.

  • the uturn truck one wow everything must be flammable in that game they caught fire so easily and i like how he got creamed by another van lol

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