This Week In The Business: Great Job, Sega

This Week In The Business: Great Job, Sega

"We go to Sega and the board turned it down, which I thought was the stupidest decision ever made in the history of business." — Former Sega of America CEO Tom Kalinske, talking about the deal he had with Sony to share in the development of a new console.

Elsewhere in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "So is match-fixing a problem? Absolutely it's a problem." — Twitch COO Kevin Lin, talking about the growing pains of eSports and why eSports will continue to grow despite such issues.

QUOTE | "It's getting harder to be an indie, to even be competitive or be noticed — it feels like our industry is pushing super behemoth giant projects like the GTAs and the Destinys." — Fun Bits CEO Chris Millar, talking about the grim realities and excitement of independent development.

QUOTE | "We could be making a lot more money per user. But, you know what? We don't want to." — Hipster Whale's Matt Hall, talking about their mobile hit Crossy Road and why they aren't pushing monetisation.

STAT | 500,000 — Number of copies of Minecraft sold on PlayStation in Japan, across the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita; more than 200,000 of those copies have been sold on the PS Vita since it was released in October 2014.

QUOTE | "It's not like people don't want to spend money, they want to spend money on things that they love and they want to be charged honestly." — Neil Young, former CEO of mobile developer ngmoco, talking about why his new company N3twork has shifted from entertainment to producing games.

QUOTE | "Most people are going to want to have the world available to them within a split second." — CastAR co-founder Jeri Ellsworth, talking about the problems facing virtual reality and augmented reality.

QUOTE | "A lot of people seem to be defining 'Casual' as a free-to-play game with ads and as many millions of users as they can get." — Daniel Fountain of Lumino City developer State of Play, talking along with other developers about the state of casual gaming.

STAT | 750 hours — The average amount of DotA 2 playtime among the top 25 per cent of DotA 2 players, according to EEDAR; the number of DotA 2 copies installed has increased 85 per cent over the past year to 42.9 million.

STAT | 63 per cent — Amount of digital revenue for console games in January claimed by PlayStation consoles worldwide, according to SuperData; the top title was GTA V, which brought in $US31.8 million from digital downloads in January.

QUOTE | "It would be far more damaging to rush to release a product that wasn't ready and cause another failed attempt to launch VR into the mainstream." — Tammeka producer Sam Watts, talking about the uncertainties and delays of developing VR title Radial-G Racing Revolved.

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    The Console Wars by Blake Harris is an excellent little book featuring the journey of Tom Kalinske from when he came on board with Sega up to the point when Sega Japan basically mandated the death of Sega America. People scratch their heads about how Nintendo makes decisions - Sega was just as bad in certain cases. A very interesting read.

      Sometimes I have to pinch myself, because we live in a world where Sony and Microsoft make game consoles while Sega and Atari don't. 10 year old me never would have believed it.

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