What D&D Is Bringing To The CRPG Party

What D&D Is Bringing To The CRPG Party

We’re in the middle of an incredibly welcome computer role-playing game resurgence, so it’s only fair the key inspiration chime in. Check out the first single-player campaign gameplay from Sword Coast Legends.

Mind you single-player is the least compelling aspect of n-Space and Wizards of the Coast’s entry into the suddenly bustling PC CRPG market. What will set Dungeons & Dragons‘ official game apart from games like next week’s Pillars of Eternity, aside from the whole Forgotten Realms licence thing, is the Dungeon Master mode, in which one player can act as DM, guiding a group of four players through an adventure as if it were a tabletop gaming session.

That’s not this. This is your standard CRPG fare, and it looks incredibly solid for a game announced last month and due out this year.

n-Space plans on streaming a live DM-led dungeon crawl this Thursday on its Twitch channel, so bookmark that for a look at the real meat of Sword Coast Legends. I’ve been promised this sort of functionality many times — come Thursday we’ll see if it’s the real deal.

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