A Horror Game That Looks Straight Out Of 1995

A Horror Game That Looks Straight Out Of 1995

We’ve seen plenty of games filled to the brim with pixels, but what about crappy polygons? Back In 1995promises to be “just like PlayStation or Sega Saturn in 1995”.

Thanks to Rely On Horror, one of the better horror gaming sites around, for pointing this out!

Back In 1995 has loading screens with flipping CDs, rudimentary textures, character models barely holding it together, and draw distances only capable of showing what’s right in front of you. Ah, the good ol’ days! (Call me whatever you want, I legitimately miss this aesthetic!)

The game will be shown as part of Tokyo Indie Fest next month. It’s unclear how far along in development, but I can’t wait to see more.


  • Oh man, they completely nail the shitty texture bugs that all PS1 games had, i’m super excited.

    • Idk if I’d say that, I see aliasing (And low resolution textures tiling), but no wonky ps1 style ‘warping’.

      Edit: This is what I mean, the warping, moving textures that make it look like the world is melting. Lol, the good old days!


  • I love how in the gif his front is clearly an open jacket and shirt. but his back? What the hell is that shape? It’s like he suddenly got replaced by turd with legs.

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