A Computer Made These Polygon Faces. Warning: Nightmares Ahead.

These images are what happens when you combine a a random polygon generator with a "facial recognition algorithm".

Which means the generator keeps generating until the recognition algorithm detects a face. Then it keeps running while it tries to automatically improve it. To...mixed results.

In short: it's a million virtual chimps drawing a million virtual polygons until one of them somehow churns out a face, with no prompting or intervention from a human being whatsoever.

It's equal parts soothing and terrifying to see.

The program, called pareidolia, is named for the phenomenon Pareidolia, which is "a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant".

pareidoloop [Site,via prosthetic knowledge, thanks Bill!]


    I want that program! To be able to generate random faces out of random shapes in gray scale will be great for parties!

    Oops I pooped a little bit

    Now just wait until someone claims to see a dead relative. Then it will be how this isn't random but influenced by ghosts and other paranormal means.
    Or wait until someone sees the face of Jesus...

    Pareidolia looks like a more sophisticated version of Thunderf00t's efforts, though they had different goals.

    Thunderf00t's effort.

    Looks like it's based on or inspired by this:

    The standalone program is enteraining to play with.

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