Straight From Game Of Thrones To The Witcher 3

It's a well-known fact that Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister is the best thing on Game of Thrones. Alright, maybe Lena Headey comes close, but regardless — Charles Dance is amazing. Good news: he's totally in The Witcher 3.

This cool little developer diary thing proves it.

This is actually a great little video. Charles talks about the rising popularity of fantasy as a genre and the changes he's seen in video games over the last decade.

Honestly, this has gotten me more hyped about the game. From what I've played of The Witcher 3 (roughly about three hours) the writing was fantastic and the voice acting performances were about as good as I've seen in a game.

Sorry folks, all objectivity has dissipated. The hype train: I am on board.


    Welcome aboard then Mark!

    He was an amazing Lord Vetinari as well.

    Can't wait for the Geralt/Emhyr interactions (especially if you've read the final books).

    I love Charles Dance. I can't believe this is his first video game!

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