Tywin Lannister's Actor To Appear In The Witcher 3

Tywin Lannister's Actor To Appear In The Witcher 3

One can already make a great deal of comparisons between the dark fantasy world of The Witcher and the arguably darker fantasy world of Game of Thrones. Now there's one more.

Actor Charles Dance, best known for his outstanding work as the cruel, calculating ruler Tywin Lannister on HBO's Game of Thrones, will be joining the cast of CD Projekt Red's upcoming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He'll be playing an emperor. Not just any emperor, Emperor Emhyr var Emreis of Niflgaard, head of a mighty empire that is one of the major players in the story of the first two Witcher games and will likely be a central presence in the third game.

This sounds like more than a glorified cameo — with a role like that, Dance will probably play a major part in the story. And given how well he plays a brutal Lannister ruler, a brutal Nilfgaardian ruler should fit right into his wheelhouse. But will he wind up having tense, surprisingly winning exchanges with a young, undercover assassin girl? Doubtul, but hey, you never know!


    Can we just have Tywin Lannister actually appear? That'd be great...

      Woah someone downvoted the idea of Tywin Lannister actually appearing in a game with Geralt?

      Dude, do you kick kittens and stamp on puppies when you wake up in the morning too?

    I wasn't the only one who thought the scenes between him and Arya were absolutely fantastic? That is good to know.

      His and Aryas scenes were amongst the best of the season, I read they were actually extra scenes created for the show and not in the book?

        Yeah, in the books she's Roose Bolton's cupboy, not Tywin's.

          Yet, to be honest, I felt it worked amazingly well what they did in the show? I cannot go ahead and say it works 'better' as I have not read the books, but I will say, for the purposes of the show, it worked very well indeed.

      They were great, but half of those scenes were basically pinched from Roose Bolton's scenes with Arya in the books. One of my biggest gripes about the show is how much they neglected that guy. No weird leechings, no creepily soft voice, etc.

      Last edited 15/08/13 8:35 pm

    First and foremost he's from last action hero, game of thrones is his lesser role. Last action hero is the single greatest piece of cinema ever created.

      LIES! He's first and foremost from the Golden Child! y'know back when Eddie Murphy was still relatively funny

        Dammit I was gonna post that!

        My dear sweet brother numpsie!

      You know when you have one of those 'OH... MY... GOD THATS HIM!' moments with an actor?

      I just had one of those :D

      He was in so many movies with that red beard of his in the 80s/90s!!! Oh wow!!!

      But to me, he'll always be Ripleys love interest in ALIEN 3!

      (Well ok I had to check IMDB for that one lol)

      The real victim of TLAH was truly The Animated Cat. I hear after being stereotyped in that movie, he fell into a life of catnip and alcohol and never recovered *sigh*

    To me he'll always be Sardo Numspa from 'The Golden Child' with Eddie Murphy. :)

    YouTube his appearance on Would I Lie To You. It's awesome.

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