Geralt Is Still The Least Cool-Looking Part Of The Netflix Witcher Show

Geralt Is Still The Least Cool-Looking Part Of The Netflix Witcher Show
Photo: Netflix

The Netflix Witcher TV show is still in production, and the showrunners have now released images of Yennefer and Ciri, as well as some more shots of Henry Cavill in costume as Geralt. Yennefer and Ciri look amazing, so I’m wondering why they bought Cavill’s wig at Party City.

Although I’m planning on playing The Witcher 3 if only to appease my colleague and Kotaku’s resident Geralt Super Fan Riley MacLeod, I’ve also enjoyed learning about the series while I’ve been following the production of Netflix’s Witcher TV show.

Part of what’s stopped me from playing the game so far is a simple time investment: The Witcher 3 is a very long game, while a television show takes a lot less long to watch, and I can fold laundry while I do it.

I’m also just curious about what it’s like to get introduced to The Witcher through this show, as many people will be. How will those people feel when they see images of the lead actor of Man Of Steel dressed in medieval garb?

Based on the character shots that went up today, I imagine they feel like this show is about two really cool women and Henry Cavill in a shitty wig.

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Anya Chalotra as Yennefer

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Freya Allen as Ciri

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Henry Cavill as Geralt

When the casting announcement for Yennefer was made, some people objected to her being played by the Indian actress Anya Chalotra, but to my eyes, she looks the best of the bunch.

According to the coverage of The Witcher from my colleagues, Yennefer is a strong willed, cold woman, possessing hidden depths. Chalotra’s steely gaze conveys that for me. I also love how Ciri looks; she seems slightly fey and fragile, though also like she’s keeping a secret.

Henry Cavill looks… well. He looks like they ran out of money for wigs. He looks like they asked the stylist for “above average cosplayer.” He looks like Superman coming up with backup undercover ideas to use whenever people figure out the Clark Kent thing.

He looks like Viserys Targaeryen from Game of Thrones started taking steroids. My man looks like he’s wearing leftover Pride Parade confetti on his head. This man’s costume is a gift for me, a person who loves thinking of highly specific roasts.

There is one point on which Riley and I are satisfied. His costume may look like garbage, but based on the additional photos he put on his Instagram, even a bad wig cannot take away from how hot Henry Cavill is.

“His butt looks good on that poster, not gonna lie,” Riley said. “It’s weird to me he’s not wearing the hair or armour I make his character wear in the game, but he’s free to make his own choices, I suppose.”

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Sincerely looking forward to the inevitable bathing scene.


  • I think the thing to note is this is based on the books and not the games which will be interesting given how thousands (millions?) were introduced to the Witcher series via the games

        • Everyone knows the old joke about the importance of commas being the difference between “helping your uncle Jack fuck a unicorn” or “helping your uncle, Jack, fuck…”
          Wait, that’s still not right.

          Just stay away from anything horse-based, Jack!

      • huh… now that you mention it… is there real life official Gwent cards? seems like a missed opportunity if there isn’t.

    • It’s also a prequel of sorts to the events in the games, in that this is a younger and less-seasoned Geralt than what we see in the games.

    • That, and I think the armor looks pretty damn good. I’m a little perturbed by the wig, that could use a change, but filming is likely mostly done at this point.

      I also want to know, why the one sword?

      • That’s how it was in the books. Monsters immune to steel are less common than in the games and so Geralt keeps his silver sword stored on/with Roach.

        Having him carry both in the games was to make combat more fluid.

  • The wig isn’t THAT bad, geez. Was it really worth mentioning directly at least 5 times in the article and indirectly mentioning a couple more? You don’t like it, I get it, but one mention of it is enough to convey that.

    • Personally I’ve found the US writers to be a bit whinier and mostly lacking in the writing quality compared to the Aussie counterparts… It has improved though, haven’t seen a one sentence article in years.

    • They also selectively picked what photos to use of him for this article.
      There are more photos than this released, including a close up that look much better.

  • I actually think he looks great as Geralt. Much better than the early test footage they released where he steps into frame.

  • I feel like they’re trying to make him handsome. Geralt is scarred, ragged, and often homeless. He’s got weird inhuman eyes.

    He just looks too much like this world’s Aragorn for me. Maybe it’ll be better in the context of the show.

  • To be honest, Geralt was the most boring & least part of the game as well.

    He had more character in the novels but the game had to keep him fairly bland & neutral to balance all of the different moral choices the players take.

    Here’s hoping Henry can play the part better than he can pose for promo material.

  • Geralt Is Still The Least Cool-Looking Part Of The Netflix Witcher Show

    The melted garbage bag armour Nilfgaardian armour begs to differ.

  • How will those people feel when they see images of the lead actor of Man Of Steel dressed in medieval garb?

    Considering Cavill played Theseus in Immortals way before he played Superman it’s not that hard to imagine him running around with a sword.

    And he looks ok as Geralt but needs a bit of scruffy facial hair.

  • The armour that Henry Cavill is wearing looks fine, and it looks quite similar to a lot of the outfits seen in the Witcher games (to counter my own point, the Witcher Netflix show is not related to the games, but is inspired by the novels).

    As for the hair, it does not look that bad. It honestly just looks like he’s wearing hair extensions or something, and it looks better than your average cosplayer. We get it, you don’t like how Henry Cavill is physically portraying Geralt because of the five or so times you mention that his hair sucks and how his costume is apparently “garbage”.

    I find a lot of Kotaku articles are becoming almost whining opinion pieces. I regretfully just read an article here about why we should stop using the term “Metroidvania” in video games.

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