Getting Started With Neverwinter On Xbox One

The North American Xbox One got its first MMORPG today, in the form of a two-year-old free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons PC game. Check out character creation and the opening tutorial for Neverwinter.

Anyone with an Xbox One Gold subscription is a simple 10GB or so download away from rolling up a half-elf rogue and joining in the Neverwinter festivities. Just don't expect the sort of visual quality that you've seen in the PC screenshots. The frame rate is pretty rough, and the controls mighty convoluted — opening the inventory requires holding down LB and pressing left on the d-pad. It's crazy. Then again it's developer Cryptic's first console release, so some weirdness is to be expected.

Still, the game plays much like its PC counterpart, only its incredibly quiet and peaceful. Plenty of people playing, but no one talking. It's kind of nice.


    any word on when it will be coming to aus?

      go into your settings and change the xbox location to the US restart the xbox. go and start the download and than once it starts installing reset the xbox back to Australia. you can play it all you want but you cant buy anything with our aussie money.

        Hey man, sorry to be a pain but can you please elaborate on this process a bit more?

        The only way I found to do this is via the Xbox website on my computer but it says I can't change back for 3 months.

        Is there a way around this faster like you said in your comment?


        - L

    A decent enough little f2p title that should suit consoles well. Now give us the PS4 version please.

    Any idea when this is getting an AU release? I switched my settings US to download it yesterday but still wasn't able to play.

    Was playing it last night for the first time since launch on PC max specs didn't think it looked that great.

    I always though Elder Scrolls graphics got a bad rap though, when maxed out it was one of the best looking MMORPGs in my opinion.

      Graphics don't make the game. The most pretty game can be the most tedious.

    Checked the xbox store, seems it's not on the Aussie store yet. Wonder why it's NA only?

    Last edited 01/04/15 6:40 pm

      Apparently it's in the process of local classification according to the official Neverwinter Twitter handle. Uber frustrating, I really wanna get on and give this a go.

      Has anyone else had any experience with this so far after switching regions to download it? and is anyone aware of any issues that may arise if you do that?

        Wondering the same thing myself! I know how to, and that it is possible, but am not sure of what it could mean if I do... for example will i need to change regions for DLC, or anything like that?

        Very frustrating! I'm still waiting for Oddworld to get an Aussie release too

        Works fine, I've switched to USA downloaded it then rebooted back to AUS and I've been playing all day.

        What you cant do is buy or purchase and ZEN credits as it doesnt show up due to not available to purchase unless you're in the USA, and changing console regions wont allow it either as MS seem to have disabled purchases from Australia changing the console to USA.

        Unless of course you have a US credit card and address.. Im sure that would work.

          Microsoft disabled US purchases on an AUS credit card with the update that coincided with the Master Chief Collection.
          It’s got nothing to do with the address as far as I can tell (I tested with fake US addresses), its linked to the cards location.

          If you can pay for things using a gift card (like you can games) then the best way to approach it is to buy a US gift card online using your AUS card and renew it in the US Xbox Live store.

          Cheers for that!

          Well, guess its there loss then. Just means no in-game purchases for me then, and that is what they get for releasing it late in Aus lol

        I tried it and it works. Can't really go too much into it because I was only online for 20 mins or so. The lag is noticeable but not terrible. Looking forward to getting stuck in over the long weekend.

    I think it sux that we here in Australia can't get it . why r we the ones who gets left out.Australia always gets the short straw when it comes to game.

      Sounds like you just change your xbox to the US, and it downloads fine... Just means you can't buy anything ingame at the moment.

        Is just annoying that we should have to do that. I mean, its not like they have to make a whole new game for us, or change it in anyway.

        At least we CAN get it I guess... just frustrating

          Theres also the FPS drops and Lag issues due to either bugs and issues in the xbox version and the fact you're connecting to US servers to play.

          I've gotten to lvl 35 and it gets laggy/fps drops when lots of effects and spells happening on the screen at once.

          Im hoping they'll release new Oceanic/Aus servers when its classified here.

    I was part of the beta, looking forward to when is it out in Australia?

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