Grand Theft Auto V PC Mod Gives You Super Powers

Grand Theft Auto V PC Mod Gives You Super Powers

Look, sometimes you just gotta kick the shit out of a car. And the people behind it. And the better part of a city block.

(First, a brief warning: tread lightly with GTA V PC mods. Word is that you can get banned for using them online. Single player should be OK, but you never know.)

Wanna make Grand Theft Auto V more like Saints Row IV? Then Lingon’s super power “trainer” mod is probably for you. It grants you super strength and super speed, meaning that you can zip around on the legs of a thousand tubby, middle-aged gangsters (with great calves) and punch cars into the stratosphere. There’s no 1000-ft leaping or flying yet, but this is a damn amusing start.

Here’s a video highlighting super strength from CooljunkGaming:

And here’s a GIF I took, because I mean, look at this madness:

Grand Theft Auto V PC Mod Gives You Super Powers

And here’s a video with more speed from from taltigolt:

Still no definitive word on whether or not more complex mods will be possible in Grand Theft Auto V‘s PC version, but clearly people are trying their hardest to pull a heist on the game’s precious innards. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see. And punch police officers so hard that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men realise they didn’t have it so bad with the whole Humpty Dumpty thing. Can’t forget that part.


  • Wasn’t there already a super punch cheat code? I’m also not sure I’d call a trainer a mod, but that could just be me.

  • Now I need to dig out Vice City… rampages just weren’t as fun after that, once tanks became destructible.

  • I’m not touching a single mod until I know how it will affect GTA Online.

    Rockstar packaged the entire game in encrypted RPT files for a reason, they haven’t announced how they’re tackling cheaters/hackers for Online and they’ve made no statement whatsoever since OpenIV modders were able to get into the game files.

    All of this makes me thing they’ll be no warning prior to the banhammer on Social Club.

    Modder beware.

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