It’s Official, Goku Has Blue Hair In Dragon Ball Z

It’s Official, Goku Has Blue Hair In Dragon Ball Z

That blue-haired Goku is the real deal, it seems. This is the character as a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. Or SSGSS. Heh. But there’s a good reason explanation for what’s going on here.

This is apparently a Super Saiyan that has absorbed Super Saiyan God powers. So, that’s why this is a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. OK, but geez, that naming… Sheesh.

Here you can see the reddish Super Saiyan God hair colour.

It’s Official, Goku Has Blue Hair In Dragon Ball Z

[Photo via Dragon Ball Wikia]

At the top of this article, you can see an official image of the blue-haired Goku from an upcoming issue of Shonen Jump. Some folks like the design, while others aren’t exactly thrilled. In Japan, people have been comparing the red-haired, yellow-haired, and now blue-haired Saiyans to a traffic light.

It’s Official, Goku Has Blue Hair In Dragon Ball Z

[Photo: chanri556]

The reason is because in Japanese, people say “ao” (青) or “blue*” for the green traffic signal.

So, forget the traffic light for a moment. What the hell is going on? Why does the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan have blue hair? According to My Game News Flash, Dragonball creator Akira Toriyama apparently said that he thought red was a strong colour, but blue was weaker.

“Simply put, it’s because [the red hair] looks so strong,” said Toriyama. “The colour yellow has already been used, and blue isn’t really that strong looking, so visually, red is easy to understand.”

In retrospect that sounds like a backhanded complement for this blue-hair colour iteration, but if you really think about it, this makes perfect sense. The Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is weaker than a straight-up Super Saiyan God, so thus, it has blue hair. Or something like that.

Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F opens in Japan on April 18.

*The word can also refer to green.


  • What…………………..

    I’m going to be watching these movies, but jeeesus, I don’t like Toriyama’s new approach to the DB universe.

  • Haha that’s ridiculous, next we’ll have super saiyan god god. I’m still looking forward to new Dragon Ball though.

  • Im a massive DBz nut so it will take a hell of a lot for me to lose faith in DBz… this is no exception, still super pumped for it

  • Yeah, uhh…. what?

    I thought at the end of Battle of Gods, it was revealed that even though the “God” transformation had worn off that Goku had retained a good portion of that power and was still able to fight Beerus in his normal state. So is this new SSGSS a new level above that not-red-but-still-way-more-powerful-than-super-saiyan-3 level? i.e. Does Goku decide that his new SSG powers are not enough to beat Freiza so in typical DBZ style he just ascends to an all new power level?

    Also, Vegeta??? I thought I saw somewhere a blue haired Vegeta. Does that mean that at some point the others all wish for him to have SSG powers too, and then he ascends to this even greater power level? Does that mean that they now have enough pure-hearted Saiyans to wish God powers on to any of them? Why not just make a small army of SSG’s and easily defeat any threat the universe can muster? Is the next movie going to be Cell coming back from the dead and they all decide he’s not that powerful so they send SSG toddler Pan to fight him as a warm up? Don’t steal my ideas.

    I am so watching the hell out of this movie.

    • It can’t be 2 if it’s weaker than super saiyan god himself, but it can be super saiyan god 0.5.

  • Regarding the hierarchy of Saiyan power. If it were me I would go parallel with how the frequency of vibration works. After all, DBZ is all about energy, auras, and ki’s. Having said that each new higher level of Saiyan power would follow the rainbow spectrum order. So SS1 would be red, SS2 orange, SS3 yellow, SS4 green, SS5 blue, SS6 purple and so on and so forth. Using this order of ascension would also make it easiest for DBZ fans to follow. Reaching the highest SS level would be white. After all, all colors flow out of white. Black would be the highest saiyan level of power reachable in which the Saiyan is also able to keep his base form. After all, black is the alpha – lowest frequency of vibration as well as the omega – highest frequency of vibration in the universe. And just like Marshall Arts black belts have different degrees, Saiyan Black can also. I know DBZ is fiction. But it is very inspirational in my opinion. So if scientific laws of physics can be applied to our DBZ heroes it makes the story(s) even more inspirational in my opinion. By the way, you are welcome to your own opinion of mine, however, I post comments but I do not read other peoples’ replies to my comments. Go ahead and have a fun discussion with my post. All the best to you all.

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