Man Executes Computer With 9mm Handgun

Man Executes Computer With 9mm Handgun

Oh, don't tell me you've never wanted to do the same thing. The LA Times reports that Colorado man Lucas Hinch has been given a citation by local cops after taking his PC — which had been giving him blue screens — outside and literally executing it, pumping eight rounds into the side of the computer with his 9mm handgun.

The police logs say Hinch "was fed up with fighting his computer for the last several months." If you were wondering if it was worth it, he told the LA Times "It was glorious. Angels sung on high."

I bet they did.


    Moral of the story should be to never buy Dell products unless you have a stress relief trigger

      One of the guys at work was looking at getting a new PC and was looking at a Dell. I told him we could probably get a custom built PC with comparable specs for a fraction of the price.

      He bought the Dell anyway. I died a little inside.

    Slightly off topic question, is Alienware reskinned dell?

      Dell purchased the Alienware company a while back and have kept it as their gaming branch of performance laptops and desktops

        In other words, just like all other Dell consumer products, don;t touch it.
        There's a ton of other gaming hardware companies that are better, and custom is always the best.

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