Off Topic: What Do You Subscribe To?

We live in the day and age of the subscription. We subscribe to services and have our unlimited fill. What do you currently subscribe to?

I'm starting to collect subscriptions.


— Xbox LIVE — PlayStation Plus — Spotify — Netflix — UFC Fight Pass

I'm also seriously considering subscribing to the WWE Network even though I haven't watched wrestling seriously for years.

Of those services I'd say that Netflix is the best (easily) and UFC Fight Pass is a bit ordinary, but I'm a big enough MMA fan to stomach it.

What are you guys and girls subscribing to? What would you recommend?


    Only Netflix but I chuck $10 a month to Shut Up and Sit Down because I really appreciate the content they put out.

      Netflix. I use Netflix Around The World ( and What's New on Netflix ( to find what I'm looking for, then I use Hola ( to watch from that region, and simply select to watch programmes in English if it's not the region's default language. I'm subscribed to Netflix via its pre-existing US pricing.

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    Netflix - $11.99/month
    Playstation Plus - $20/3 months
    Patreon (KindaFunny + KindaFunnyGames: Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty's new podcasts) - $10/month

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      I was surprised not to see a few more 'KindaFunny' subs

        I posted it specifically to see if there were any Kotaku AU people following them too! :P

          haha great content - currently only supporting the Gamescast but i should pull the finger out and jump onto the original channel. But I really like the pattern I have gotten into watching an episode every night on youtube and I just know if I sub I will consume it all in a day on my commute.

      If you're interested, Kevin Smith does a two-part interview podcast with them, part 2 is on the Smodcast network at
      Although considering part 1 was on the kinda funny channel, you probably already know this.
      Just in case, though!

    PS Plus (but only for my 12 month thing, then I'm not renewing as I don't play the thing)
    oh, and my VPN access!

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    Playstation Plus
    Xbox Live (Only because Xbone came with a 12 month pass...)

    Pretty sure I still have an active SWTOR sub I should probably suspend (Hi @rize!)

      Heh. I just couldn't bring myself to unsubscribe after I stopped playing SWTOR. I think it went for like six or seven months unplayed before I finally bit the bullet and unsubscribed. I don't particularly enjoy playing it but I really, really want to.

      TorGuard and Unblock-Us? Are you just using TorGuard proxy and Unblock-Us VPN?


        Unblock-Us is basically a US Netflix service. Set up on the AppleTV for the US library and HBO Go. Being able to switch between Netflix regions without reconfiguring everything is incredibly handy.

        TORGuard proxy for obvious reasons...

    PlayStation Plus
    Foxtel (shudder, but only for HD sport)

    Netflix and PS+ here as well. the free games from PS+ make it worth the annual fee. Also while I am glad Australia finally has Netflix it is very sad compared to the US version.

    Playstation Plus
    I'm thinking about getting Netflix once I move into my new place in about four months (hopefully) as my current place has really, really crappy internet.

      How crappy? I can get it and it's actually really watchable on my 1.5mbit connection.

        Same, if you can get Playstation Plus to work, Netflix will work no problems.

          I'm staying with my parents while my new house is being built. So while it is bit of an ordinary connection, also the layout of the house isn't conducive to Wi-Fi. They don't mind if I setup the PS4 in the living room for updates and downloads but when I leave it there they get narky.

          The new house is going to be sweet. Brand new estate with FTTP.

    Loooooool jk.

    Netflix & PS+

    Xbox Live
    Netflix (US)
    HBO Now

    Pretty much covers all my entertainment needs with the odd movie rental from iTunes US

    I guess, Xbox LIVE, Playstation Plus, and Adobe products.

    PS Plus
    WWE Network
    Foxtel (if only I could get my sports fix elsewhere!)

    Contemplating Spotify as the new Playstation app is fantastic to listen to while I play games, but not totally convinced it would be worth my money yet.

    Netflix, PS Plus, Spotify (through my Vodafone contract). Also a couple of digital magazine subscriptions on the Play Store as they're about half the price compared to in the newsagents. If HBO Now becomes more widely available over here and not just confined to Apple devices then I'll probably subscribe to that too

    Last thing I was subscribed to was Hyper, but I cancelled that back in 2010 or something I think.

    PS Plus

    ....thats all. Oh and I used to have a gym membership before I realised im not going to use that shit hahaha...oh.

    Gaming: Xbox Live Gold

    TV/Movies: Currently subbed to Netflix and Stan. I considered Presto but decided it didn't add anything I wanted. I'll also pass on foxtel Play since it's still overpriced and suffers from the bundled package bullshit. I'll happily sub to HBO Now when/if it comes to Australia.

    Software: My wife, currently a student, has active subscriptions to Adobe's Creative Cloud suite and Microsoft Office.

    Other: I've sponsored Rooster Teeth for some 10 years now, and will continue to do so. I think I'm still grandfathered in on their $10/6 month plan even though they increased the price last year. I've also considered subscriping to Don Shipley's "Phony Navy Seal of the Week" website he started because butthurt phonies were issuing fake takedowns on his youtube videos, but I've decided as much as I love his videos they're not worth $10/month to me.

      If you love Rooster Teeth so much, then why don't you replace Ray?

        Setting aside the fact I'm crap at video games and don't have his stunning good looks, quick wit or charisma, there's a few barriers between me and a job at Achievement Hunter such as distance and the 4 million other AH fans who think they'd be suited for the job, and the huge amount of shit whoever replaces Ray is going to cop until they get settled in.

        If I were going to replace anyone, it'd be Michael. By which I mean I'd like to take over his life and marry Lindsey.

    Netflix (Aus) - pretty meh at the moment
    Playstation Plus
    Google music - really like it, library is getting bigger everyday.
    Foxtel - Wish I could fuck it off, but sport and GOT.
    Quickflix - wouldn't recommend, keep forgetting to cancel. Shit UI, poor library.
    easyDVD - not really a subscription, but pretty good library and Chromecast friendly.

    I have found all the local subscription services a bit below average, am hoping at least one improves to I can kill a few accounts. Actually, I just want to leave Foxtel.

      I nearly subbed to Quickflix when I noticed they had an Xbox One app, but fortunately Netflix announced a local release and I was able to hold off.

    Netflix, lowest end package until I get NBN and can support HD/2 streams.

    Google Drive, 1.99 USD a month for 100GB, backup for photos and a few other bits and pieces.

    Playstation Plus
    Xbox Live
    GiantBomb Premium

    probably about it, might be something else starting with use and ending with net... *cough*

    Netflix, Spotify, PS+, XBLG, marvel unlimited

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