Shin Megami Vs Fire Emblem Is A Real Game That's Really Happening

Shin Megami vs Fire Emblem Is A Real Game That's Really Happening

The game, for the Wii U, is called Illusory Revelations #FE. It's set in modern-day Tokyo. Holy shit.

It will be out in Japan this Christmas. The game was actually announced briefly around two years ago, but then went quiet. This trailer is not quiet.

If you're wondering why some of the comments below are so... excited, it's because this is a dream pairing. Shin Megami Tensei is one of the best RPG series around, and Fire Emblem is just the best, period. Putting them together is the kind of thing you joke about on April 1, not lose your mind over on April 2.


    Hopefully the Wii U price will come down by next year so I can get in on this. Looks great.

    Oh, I thought this was going to be for 3ds! Excellent news!

      There's a new 3DS FE coming too.

        Yes. I was aware of that. The characters even have feet this time!

    Goddamn it Nintendo you're making it REALLY hard not to buy a a wii u

    Hmm... not sure yet. While I love FE:Awakening and SMTIV, I don't have a good sense of how the combat here works.

    Looks more Persona than anything FE or SMT...but yeah I need this.

    So this is nothing like i expected the game to be...

    But damn if that didn't look really good.

    i hope they show a bit more of why this is a crossover game, and i assume this will be another game i can use my Marth amiibo for, which is nice.

    Also, just because they are highschoolers doesn't mean it's like a persona game, most SMT games include highschoolers, and that combat system looked nothing like persona....

    Either way, HOOK IT TO MY VEINS!!!

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