The New Gunslinger Stratos Anime Looks Crappy

The New Gunslinger Stratos Anime Looks Crappy

With time, some anime look better. Then, there are others that get worse and worse. Take the new Gunslinger Stratos anime, for example.

Gunslinger Stratos is originally an arcade game developed by Square Enix. That game looks fantastic, and it’s oodles of fun. But the new anime doesn’t feature the sheen and polish Square Enix is know for.

Actually, it doesn’t seem to have any sheen or polish whatsoever. And worse, maybe, it has awful hair.

As noted by Twitter user Tokkii, earlier animated Gunslinger Stratos clips looked rather good. Here is a still from a special anime promo clip released back in 2013:

The New Gunslinger Stratos Anime Looks Crappy

[via Tokkii]

Not bad, right?

This is a still from an animated clip released in 2014. This looks slightly different, but it’s fine.

The New Gunslinger Stratos Anime Looks Crappy

Finally, here is a still from the new anime that premiered this month.

The New Gunslinger Stratos Anime Looks Crappy

Ouch. The hell happened?

If you think this is a cherry-picked screenshot, here are some more shoddy images from My Game News Flash:

The New Gunslinger Stratos Anime Looks Crappy
The New Gunslinger Stratos Anime Looks Crappy
The New Gunslinger Stratos Anime Looks Crappy

The dialogue and story are the object of ridicule as well (though, some people do like it):

The trailer for the second episode shows footage that looks equally bad, but perhaps the animation will get better as the show goes on. I sure hope so. Gunslinger Stratos, the arcade game, deserves better.


  • Id like to say something about how people should have learned long ago not to get their hopes up for things after seeing a preview (Aliens CM anyone…?) but I just saw the new Deus Ex trailer and my hype train has well and truely gone into overdrive……..

    Fuck it. I for one refuse to learn from past mistakes!!

  • … I just find it kind of sad how people just bash on things. Have you ever made an anime? Have you had to draw and redraw the same characters for hours upon hours upon hours to meet a release deadline? Chances are, no. Yes the hair looks ‘less detailed’ than the 2013 pic. SO WHAT? that is ONE picture out of an entire 25 some minute video. There are other scenes, where the hair is MUCH more detailed, and the images themselves are just dramatically more detailed. Sure it looks like maybe they spent more time developing/creating the background and the ‘world’ than they did the character’s images, but again so what?

    Thing that’s just really amusing… is how everyone OUTSIDE of its ‘intended audience’ is hating on it. The anime was NOT developed and released ‘for the people outside of japan’. It is in Japanese, and in Japanese for a REASON. If you don’t like the subtitles from all those ‘so called professional’ subtitle writers, then simply get over it… Its not the language that the anime was INTENDED for. So, taking into consideration that not every single word in any other language ACTUALLY has a straight forward, cut and dry English alternative, chances are, those who have Japanese as their first language, and listen to it in Japanese, are going to understand exactly why the dialog is the way it is, and probably makes a THOUSAND times more sense.

    People seriously should not be ‘judging’, ‘rating’, ‘reviewing’, or doing ANYTHING, for things that were NOT actually intended for them to begin with. If you’re not Japanese and Japanese is not your first language, then all you are really entitled to is the ability to ‘watch it with subtitles’ and deal with it. Sure, you’re welcome to have an opinion on something about it, but its just going to be that, an opinion which reflects a view of someone outside the target audience, and therefore only should be taken as a tiny grain of salt because of their inevitable bias.

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