The First Star Wars Trailer Feels Like It Comes From Another Dimension

Just a few weeks ago we watched the latest Star Wars trailer and lost our collective minds. So today, given that it's May the Fourth and all, I thought it might be fun to watch the very first trailer every released for the first Star Wars movie, for a number of reasons.

To begin with, it's crazy to see just how far movie trailers have come. How they've evolved. The thing with this trailer: hardly anything explodes. The editing is so, so pedestrian to the point where I'm surprised anyone ever thought this movie would be worth watching. I guess that was just movie trailers in the 70s.

The second thing is how different the Star Wars we have now feels compared to the one that was originally released. Those movies have been remastered into complete oblivion to the point where the Star Wars you can buy today on Blu-ray just feels so far removed from the original and that space opera feel. A part of me really likes that less polished look.

The third thing: how strange is it to imagine this trailer being unleashed into a world that didn't know what Star Wars was, who Luke Skywalker was. A world without Lightsabers. A world without Yoda or Darth Vader or Han Solo. In 2015 that idea feels so otherworldly. This trailer feels like it comes from another dimension. That's the impact Star Wars has had on popular culture. It's insane.


    Oddest music choice ever.

      The reason the trailer feels so wrong is the lack of John Williams brilliant soundtrack.
      I don't think I could watch the original film without it.

    the light sabers werent colored! they were white! Does this mean the choice was done post production? This changes EVERYTHING! :O

      From memory the trailer was rushed out the door half completed, Darth Vader didn't have a voice yet (except for the lines mumbled by the British bloke in the costume :-P)
      And yeah the light sabers were white because they were just just rotating piece of aluminium foil at the time :-P

      I could be entirely wrong because my knowledge is based on a documentary I saw 10 years ago

        I think they were coloured it's just that it's faded from the film because the colour was so light.

      I have been working on restoring the original versions for the last 10 years or so.

      Yes, the sabres were coloured in post production, the 'on set' sabres were a rotating shaft, covered in front-projection material, so they would be bright white. They were then painted in with the coloured glow, one frame at a time in post production.

      This trailer was made before the film was finished, the score wasn't done, and the effects were unfinished.

      If anyone would like to see how the original actually looked on film in 1977, drop me a line.

        *drops line with best bait available*

        zomg. yes please. dropping a line right here :D BEST May the 4th EVER!

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    Star Wars? More like Derp Wars judging by that rushed trailer.

    Seriously everyone should watch Empire of Dreams which shows how much Star Wars changed the movie industry and how nobody expected it to be a success

    Last edited 04/05/15 1:18 pm

    Why was it a billion years in the making? I dont get that line. Because of....stars?

      Boyhood has nothing on Star Wars!

      Last edited 04/05/15 1:37 pm

        genuine lol

        bloody Linklater. What an amateur. 12 years or whatever it was. Show some commitment next time!

        Last edited 04/05/15 2:15 pm

          Did you know, it took 12 years to make?

    Holy cow - that was amazing!!!

    In a so bad it's awesome sort of way!

    STAR WARS \o/

    PS. that music tho...

    Did they redo the trailer after they sacked the terrible editors who had no clue?

    I think they have people who specialise in only making trailers now, using a common set of techniques that maximise hype. There are also shots in films that look suspiciously like they were filmed just to include in the trailer - like that final shot in the Star Wars 7 second trailer with Harrison Ford.

    Happy Star Wars Day !
    The Emperor & Obi Wan celebrate by singing your favourite pop hits!

    Actually I like the editing. It really doesn't give any of the story away at all. Similar to the way JJ is editing the current crop of trailers.

    What if they had cut the trailer different: 'your world is about to be blown away.' Governor Tarkin declares its time to use the deathstar...rebEl fighters approach...rebEl fighters blown away...x-wings enter deathstar trench...tie fighters enter trench in pursuit...princess leia pleads for planet to be spared...tarkin demands another target, a millitary target? Tarkin declares: i grow tired of when ready...princess leia cries no! Primary weapon fires...planet goes boom. Starwars logo. 'starwars...see it before its too late.

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