All The Ways Jason Voorhees Can Kill People In Mortal Kombat X

All The Ways Jason Voorhees Can Kill People In Mortal Kombat X

If you want to know every disgusting method Jason Voorhees will use to chop up the fighters of Mortal Kombat X, here you go.

YouTube user MKIceAndFire has compiled the Friday the 13th star’s fatalities and brutalities, and while some of ’em are pretty good, I’m with Patricia: it’s a little disappointing.

There are times when Jason has been a “scary” character, but he’s mostly goofy and weird these days. I can’t believe NetherRealm didn’t consider using this as inspiration for a fatality:

There is, however, a pretty good reference to campers in one of Jason’s opening bits:

All The Ways Jason Voorhees Can Kill People In Mortal Kombat X

Not bad, not bad.

If you’re curious about Friday the 13th, I ranked the whole dang series earlier this year.

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  • Some of the main cast have some disappointing fatalities and brutalities, so he fits right in. :p

    I’m just disappointed that he wasn’t given a second outfit with a sack on his head. Oh well.

    EDIT: His moves and variant styles are pretty cool. Although I think it’s weird to see his face when he gets hit with X-ray attacks.

  • Wonder if he gets a Jason X alt costume.

    I think having him put them in a sleeping bag and beating them to death in it would be too lengthy and cheesy, the first fatality seems to be as close to that as you would get.

    It seems a lot of the fatalities in MK X are just extensions of their existing powers and abilities and none of this “pull things out of a hat” style some of the previous games such as Smokes world destroying bombs, or Mileena pulling a bag of nails out, then spitting them at the opponent. One of the stupidest was Liu Kang dropping the MK arcade machine on them.

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