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In fiction as in life, dreams are powerful. For millennia authors have called upon them to bemuse, cajole, inspire and terrify their characters, as well as their audience. Dream sequences have been spicing up the stage since ancient Greece and have appeared in film since the early 1900s. It was only a matter of time before video games got into bed with them.


Last month, the ongoing legal battles over the rights of the Friday the 13th franchise caught up with the game, bringing its development to a halt. New content was “unfeasible now or in the future” due to the lawsuit, the game’s publisher said.

Unlike Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th ain’t coming back. It’s a terribly premature ending for the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, one that caps off a beleaguered 14 months full of bugs, glitches and gore.


For fans of all things Jason Voorhees, any Friday the 13th on the calendar is a time for celebration and last week was no exception. With a physical release on shelves and free DLC for all players, the studio behind Friday the 13th: The Game helped ensure the campfires around Crystal Lake burned brightly.


The latest patch for Friday the 13th The Game went live earlier this week on all platforms. It introduces smaller versions of the game's three existing maps, as well some new mechanics, graphical improvements, and a number of bug fixes. Unfortunately, it also introduces a slew of new bugs and glitches.


The studio behind Friday the 13th recently revealed that the game has sold 1.8 million copies, even after connectivity issues, glitches, bugs, exploits and middling critical reviews. The fanbase still loves this teens-versus-Jason game, although they're becoming rapidly divided -- instead of fighting against and escaping from Jason, some players are joining in on his killing sprees.


Yesterday, Friday the 13th fans collectively yelped in terror when they discovered that developer Illfonic is working on a new game. They presumed this meant that Illfonic had moved on from the most popular game in the emerging "getting axe-murdered by 12 year-olds" genre. Not true, the studio says.


While the idea of running around as Jason Vorhees slicing up camp counsellors sounds like loads of fun, the bit where he teleports around - and occasionally through the centre of the earth - has been received less warmly.

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We all have them. Our guilty pleasure movies. Movies we like that we don't like to tell other people. Films that bring us unbridled joy while making others cringe in pain. Films so many people hate but you just, somehow, for whatever reason, love. This is my list.


There aren't too many asymmetric multiplayer games kicking around, so when one pops up it tends to get a lot of attention. And when that same game happens to star Jason Vorhees, it gets even more attention.


2016 is looking to be an odd one for game releases, at least from this side of the year. Big AAA releases are few and far between, with no hugely anticipated games like last year's Fallout 4. Even Assassin's Creed is rumoured to be giving it a miss. In fact, one of the year's most anticipated games is No Man's Sky, being developed by a small team over in the UK. 2016 could easily turn out to be a great year for both indies and new IPs.