MultiVersus: What Do Returning Players Get?

MultiVersus: What Do Returning Players Get?

One of the biggest questions heading into MultiVersus’ 1.0 launch has been answered. WB Games’ crossover platform fighter dropped in Open Beta in 2022, and the plan at the time seemed to be a smooth transition to a full launch. Instead the game was temporarily shut down, despite having run multiple Battle Passes and taking real money for skins and other cosmetics. Several months later, a relaunch is right around the corner with 1.0 scheduled for May 28, 2024. So, what happens to all that purchased content, and would there be any compensation for those founding players when MultiVersus returned? The latest wave of info from developer Player First Games has laid it all out, and we’re here with the condensed version.

Will old purchases be retained?

Screenshot: WB Games

So when it comes to rewards previously earned in Open Beta Battle Passes, as well as purchased characters, skins, and other cosmetics, the answer is yes. You’ll have all your stuff. One exception is Perks since that system is being overhauled, but real money wasn’t involved there. A new currency called Prestige was announced, which is earned through acquiring cosmetics and leads to more specialized cosmetics. Returning Open Beta players will get a chunk of Prestige currency upfront, based on their standing unlock collection.

What about gold?

Gold, which was the only in-game currency (aside from Gleamium, the real money currency) in the before times, is being removed entirely. Any unspent gold will be converted to “commemorative cosmetics” which are exclusive and, according to PFG, won’t be available otherwise. It’s unclear at the moment if these gold bonuses will then contribute to Prestige.

Will character and Battle Pass tokens carry over?

Yes! Like gold (and unlike Gleamium), tokens offered in the Founder’s Pack will not be a part of MultiVersus when 1.0 launches. However, any tokens players didn’t cash in before Open Beta ended will still be usable. So if you were saving your character tokens or hadn’t cashed in on Battle Passes yet, you’ll still be able to do so in 1.0.

Will MultiVersus 1.0 reward returning players?

Screenshot: WB Games

Aside from what’s carrying over in the new MVS economy, Open Beta participants will also be rewarded in a couple of different ways for simply coming back. One of these ways is time-sensitive, while the other currently doesn’t have an expiration date.

If you played MultiVersus before and log into the new version before June 11, 2024, you’ll get access to the Season 1 Battle Pass. That comes with immediate access to Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees, who will be exclusive to the Battle Pass for the duration of the season. Afterwards he’ll show up for unlocking by other means, of course.

Screenshot: WB Games

Also, Open Beta players coming back to MultiVersus at any time will get some goodies, namely a Snow Suit Finn character variant (MVS’ term for skins), a Rising Stars ringout animation, and a Banana Guard announcer pack.

Any other freebies?

Screenshot: WB Games

There’s also a little something for anyone who shows up for MultiVersus 1.0. One of the new characters, Banana Guard from Adventure Time, will be a free unlock for everyone who completes the tutorial. The tutorial kicks off a seven-day calendar, which ends with a Lady Banana Guard character variant. Rewards for the other days aren’t specified.

To sum it all up, anything you had leftover from the MultiVersus Open Beta will either still be available, or converted in some way to fit into the game’s overhauled economy. You’ll also get a couple of bonus cosmetics, and full access to the first Battle Pass. Also, for funsies, everyone who shows up gets Banana Guard. On paper, that seems like a lot of stuff!

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