Disney Infinity 3.0 Does Away With Blind-Bagged Power Discs

Disney Infinity 3.0 Does Away With Blind-Bagged Power Discs

The most frustrating aspect of Disney Infinity has been trying to collect all the game-enhancing Power Discs randomly packed in stupid blind bags. Almost as exciting as adding Star Wars characters, Infinity 3.0 is selling its Power Discs in a far less shady way.

Power Discs themselves are a cool idea — augmentations that unlock textures, items and costumes for use in Disney Infinity‘s creative Toy Box mode. But what’s not cool is having to purchase those discs in blind packs of two, never knowing what you were going to get. Toss in a few super-rare Discs, and it’s frustration city with a large side of wasted cash.

Disney Infinity 3.0 will be selling its Power Discs in themed four-packs based on Disney properties or special events. Retailing at $US9.99, each disc is clearly marked, and there’s no chance of doubles.

The Tomorrowland Power Disc Pack comes with four things.

  • The Retro Ray Gun will give players a blast from the past feel with a crimson and gold retro-futuristic weapon
  • Tomorrowland Time Bomb will unleash a powerful shockwave and temporarily freeze your opposition in time
  • Tomorrowland Stratosphere allows you to transform the Toy Box with amazing vista from the futuristic world of Tomorrowland (sky dome disc)
  • Tomorrowland Futurescape will allow players to experience the utopian city of Tomorrowland (terrain/texture customisation disc)

Four things, all at once, no having to buy the one’s you’re missing off eBay.

Game producer John Vignocchi told Kotaku the new method of packaging Power Discs was in direct response to fan requests, and makes for a great way to easily provide content for Disney events. Me, I just like seeing what I am buying.


  • Good, will reduce theft and damaged stock in stores, so many of those little foil bags get ripped open because are trying to find the ones they want, ofcourse there will always be the scum that steal regardless

  • About friggin’ time. It’s been a nightmare trying to collect full sets without resorting to paying the exorbitant prices the ebay scalpers want.

  • Power Discs themselves are a cool idea —

    Only Mike ‘Microtransaction’ Fahey could make a statement like this – it’s segmenting up the game like this which is the reason I’ll blissfully ignore Infinity

  • The power discs are great, but I’ve got hardly any because I hate the blind packs and don’t want to pay the higher fees on ebay, this change to how they’re package is great.

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