GOTY Edition Of Badland Coming Soon

Video: A GOTY edition of 2013's beautiful and gloomy mobile game Badland is coming out at the end of May, developer Frogmind Games announced. Better yet, it's coming to a bunch of new platforms: PS4, PS3, Vita and Steam on May 26, Xbox One on May 29, and Wii U sometime in June. It will cost $US12 on consoles and $US10 on Steam.


    I didn't mind this on mobile, but by the time I got to the end of day 1 I was pretty much done with it and felt no compulsion to keep playing. Just ended up feeling very repetitive.

      Yeah I played on android, probably most of the game. Wasn't bad but I wouldn't pay $12 for it on my PS4.

    How can a game I've never heard of justify a GOTY edition?

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