Modern Samurai Slices 130km/h… Fried Shrimp

Modern Samurai Slices 130km/h… Fried Shrimp

That’s Isao Machii, a master Japanese swordsman. Here, he is battling deadly foes like fresh produce and fried seafood.

Machii has appeared on Japanese several times, showing off his amazing skills. This slick ad is for mobile phone carrier Softbank, and a good reminder that when fried shrimp are used as deadly weapons, then Machii is the dude to call.

No doubt, he’d be handy for slicing fruit and chopping vegetables.


  • Machii has appeared on Japanese several times

    Well… That’s very interesting to note.

    • Good tactic! It’s hard for the opposition to tag someone out, when they have to chase two halves of the baseball.

  • We have a lot of Japanophiles here, but for anyone interested who doesn’t already know, the discipline of drawing the katana from its scabbard (saya) and striking in one fluid movement is called iaijutsu. It’s one of the few sword disciplines in modern day that still uses real (ie. not wooden) weapons, as even though it’s competitive, it’s not adversarial.

  • Dunno…To me it looks like it broke against the edge of the blade, rather then him actually ‘slicing’ through it. Maybe I’ve just watched too much anime.

  • Yeah, I saw this guy on Stan Lee’s Superhumans. He cut a freaking bb-gun pellet in half that was fired at him!

    Also, his face looks exactly like the samurais’ depicted in their ye olde ink drawings! Oo The nose… And the set of his mouth…

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