Play As A Garbage Cat Who Wakes Up His Owner At 3am

As a dog person, can I just say that this video game confirms every terrible prejudice I have against cats and you must play it.

You play the role of a totally garbage cat. It is your job to be a shit cat and do everything in your power to wake up your owner who is peacefully sleeping.

I love it to death. I love it because it's real. This is the reality people. This is what happens when you get a goddamn cat.

In short: play this game and get a dog instead.

You can play (and support) My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up At 3am Every Day here.


    I dont need to play a game to know this. My partners cat is an arsehole that wakes us up at various times of the night currently. I'm to soft-hearted to keep him trapped so he wont do it.

    In short: play this game and get a dog instead.Since dogs don't come and jump all over you and lick your face in the mornings...

    Also, did anyone initially think this was about a cat who drives a truck down your street collecting garbage?

      Yeah but when a dog does that it wants to play and interact. At the very least it needs to go outside. It's being your friend it's just really dumb. When a cat does that stuff it's just being a jerk. Dogs aren't for everybody but if all you want is the minimal interaction a cat brings get a rabbit. It's fluffy, warm, requires even less looking after and won't do any of that obnoxious crap cats love to do. Hell, just throw a towel in the drier for 30 minutes then roll it into a ball and bam, you've got all the benefits of owning a cat without having to live with an asshole.

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          I've owned several over my life and I sure didn't hate them, but the fun to work ratio is only acceptable when they're kittens and you're young enough your that parents do all the work. After that they're just needy jerks who are sometimes cute enough to make you forget that every day when you get home from work the first thing you have to do is empty their litter box.
          They seem like a good option for people who don't like dogs because it's always seen as cats vs dogs, but there are way better pet options.

      My dogs (Proper dogs, not small yappy ones) sleep outside, so they don't wake me up. Cats on the other hand, are require by council law to be inside overnight.

        My husky sometimes sleeps in my room (on his own bed). He sleeps until I wake up :) (unless he's really busting, then he wakes me up). Yes even through to midday on the weekends.

    I already own a dog... and I'd never get a cat lol.

    I don't want to exaggerate but cats are the cause of all pain and suffering in the world.

      Cats are the reason I have bad internet. All these people streaming damn cat videos day and night, and sharing them with their friends.

    It's really sad about all those kids that get mauled and killed by cats every year. There's like a dozen fatalities this year alone from cats. Worthless animals.

      Not sure if being sarcastic and referencing to dog attacks, if so please take a look at a feral cat.

        Okay, you got me, I was actually playing the Tom Fool.

        But I don't think it's a very fair example to bring up feral cat attacks, which kill wildlife, with dogs which aren't feral and are actively being cared for as pets killing children, weekly.

        And while I do agree that feral cats are definitely a big problem in Australia, in other countries feral dogs pose more of a problem (my mum was actually attacked by a pack of feral dogs in Nauru! I know which one I'd prefer to come across while out jogging through the bush).

        PS: I actually love dogs AND cats, and I think people who choose a "side" either way are just being big dummies. Both animals are awesome in different ways, and as an Australian you should embrace both CATS and DOGS.


    Feral dogs are vary sparsely spread out compared to cats, in regards to dog attacks a lot of these are actually pet dogs and i'd put that down to the owner not the dog, no matter what you say there's no such thing as a "bad breed" yes some are slightly more aggressive, some are a little more timid but in the end if comes into how they've been raised.

      I definitely agree it's the owners responsibility. But that's also an argument also used for guns, and it doesn't excuse the fact that bad owners or not, kids are actually dying, regularly, because of these dogs.

      Cats get a lot of hate, because people who've never owned cats get annoyed by them. And that's weird to me, because I see so many more reasons to "hate" dogs. I walk past 4 separate houses with dogs that bark furiously at my kids every day, and I know that at least two of them would attack my kids if they weren't held back behind a fence. My father in law is kept awake all night by the neighbours dog which will not stop barking, ever. When does it sleep? I have no idea.

      I wouldn't leave my 2 year old child alone for a minute with even the gentlest dog breed. My wife was bitten on the face by her pet dog (the animal became scared by a loud noise and attacked her) when she was a baby, and still has the scar.

      Again, I really do love dogs, Labradors in particular, and once my kids are a bit older that's what their first real pet will probably be.

      TLDR: The cat vs dog thing is super dumb.

        Cat and dog is personal preference.

        I can tolerate cats but i love dogs.

        I wouldn't really be comparing it in regards to the gun argument as guns aren't an animal they do exactly what they're told to (if not faulty).

        A dog is like a person it has emotions, fears, likes, wants, needs and hates. It's the owners obligation to figure out what these are just like you would with a child.

        Honestly if children are so easily placed in these situations where it risks death then it's the parents fault.

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