Superman and Lois Lane Probably Aren’t Friends Anymore

Superman and Lois Lane Probably Aren’t Friends Anymore

For years, the love triangle between Superman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane has been a staple of the comics starring the Man of Steel. Well, something’s happened in a comic released today that will change all of that. Spoilers follow!

DC Comics’ contribution to Free Comic Book Day is Divergence, a one-shot that holds big teasers for the status quo changes for their big three characters. In the Superman story, it’s revealed that Superman’s secret identity is now public, after being divulged in an article by Lois Lane.

This development follows a recent change in Kal-El’s powers that make him more human. Combined with the secret identity reveal, things are going to be much different for the Man of Steel in the coming months.


  • I piss on anything Convergence related… Just like DC is doing with Convergence.

    • Why? It is purely just to have a look back at some of their old series, its not like it matters, the hole event is largely not going to be put into the main timeline. I personally have enjoyed a few of the side stories that came a long with it.

      Who cares about Lois any way, all she was good for was a womb that gave us all the Superboy’s.

      • I thought the Superboys originated elsewhere – one as a clone of the original (as part of the Death of Superman arc) and one was just the regular Superman when he was growing up.

        As for Lois’ chances at conceiving a half-Kryptonian, aside from the genetics, Google “Man of Steel – Woman of Kleenex”.

        • Well, that was more information about Superman’s sperm than I expected to read tonight.

          • To be more accurate, one is the son of lois and super man (jon-el) and one is the clone of that child (kon-el)

            One is has his blood mixed with supes and one with luthor. The daddy issues are real in these ones.

          • I must bow to your superior knowledge – was never much of a comic book geek.

            I know the superboy cartoons I occasionally watched as a kid were for “young superman” as they had Ma & Pa Kent occasionally. However, it seems as Marvel has been working on rationalising and combining its franchises, D.C. has been busy making them as confusing as possible…

            “Man of Steel – Woman of Kleenex” is definitely a classic… wonder how they got around the issues Niven raised to let Lois conceive in the comics.

          • To be fair there have been many incarnations of Superboy, I think that is why I am so ok with 52 even though most other comic readers seem to dislike it. For me everything pre flashpoint is a haze of fowl looking skin tight jump suits that remind me of why I can’t read marvel; I just can’t do the aesthetic that is their hallmark.

          • The same way he can use a urinal without shattering it, or his sweat doesn’t dent the sidewalk – not everything gets super-charged.

          • You may want to read the original Niven article.

            Apparently when doing the dirty, the brain goes through a state resembling an epileptic fit at one point (I don’t think I need to say WHICH point). Ergo, no conscious control. The actions of spermatozoa are presumably also not subject to conscious control; Niven paints a picture of superpowered sperm flitting all over Metropolis, breaking the sound barrier…

            There’s also the issue of a superpowered foetus. Baby kicking would be… unpleasant. (Although since his powers supposedly come from the Sun, that would not necessarily be an issue. Niven’s piece was written 30+ years ago; that part of the lore may not have firmed up at the time.)

            Niven does suggest exposing Superman (and the baby) to red kryptonite as a measure to fixing the issues involved.

            However, most of this shouldn’t matter. Kal-El is an alien. Never mind his chromosomes not matching (46 chromosomes, including X and Y, with particular functions for particular segments of the genome). Even if he’s using a DNA analogue, the actual coding would be completely different. Attempting to have a child with Lois would be like Lois trying to have a child with a rhododendron – except that the rhododendron is much more closely related.

            Unless there’s something in Superman lore talking about a common origin? I read a book years ago (“Superman: last Son of Krypton”, Arrow books) which does posit this, but that book is definitely not canon.

  • I haven’t read this, but this sounds like all kinds of dumb. What’s to stop Lex Luthor from targeting everyone Clark Kent’s ever known and loved and destroying their lives? Or one of Superman’s many other enemies?

    Lois Lane outs a co-worker, classy.

  • Seeing as Superman’s been banging Wonder Woman for the last few months (years? I don’t know anymore), I don’t think this comic, today is what will ruin the love triangle between Superman, Lois and Clark..
    It’s apparently pissed off a lot of Lois Lane fans though 😛

  • Hasn’t DC been pushing a Superman+Wonder Woman pairing for a while, anyway? It makes much more sense, in my opinion. Lois is an artifact of silver age comics. We did away with Jimmy Olsen, maybe it’s time for Lois to step aside too.

    • They just kinda changed his name, can put a new coat of paint on James, but he is still pretty much Jimmy.

  • Thar is the sound of the longest running ship in comic book shipping that is now sinking

  • I can’t read anything with John Romita Jr. art. He just ruins everything with his godawful style. Add the terrible New 52 plots and you have yet another Superman abortion

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