The Fabulous First Five Minutes Of Final Fantasy X-2

The Final Fantasy X-2 Remaster with Bonus Final Fantasy X hit the States this week, once again raising the all-important question, “How can you hate a game that opens with a dance number?”

First off, sorry about the “singing”. I couldn’t help myself.

Secondly, I completely understand why so many Final Fantasy fans hate this game with a passion. Following up the first big Final Fantasy game of a new generation with what is essentially the series’ equivalent of Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball was a move that was destined to cause contention among the player base.

I love the game. I enjoy the Dressphere system. I like unlocking all the outfits and playing with group dynamics. I relished the opportunity to further explore the continent of Spira. And that music. From the moment the game’s menu popped up I was in love.

And yes, I know her name is Lulu.


  • …….. X-2 was a bastardization of everything the FF franchise was up to that point in time.

  • I really enjoyed this game as a follow up to ffx. I thought it did a good job of completing the story and getting me obsessed with 100% completion. The protagonist was dumb and the idea that Yuna/Tidus doppelgangers had loved each other before dying horribly was pretty cliché, but it was relatively lighthearted and fun.

    Not as good as the battles in ffxii though.

  • Here i am playing through ffx (got my ps4 hd copy on monday) looking forward to finishing just so i can play x-2.
    say what you will, x-2 is amazing.

  • I always thought X-2 was targeted towards women more (outfits excepted). Just the way the dialogue came off.

    Good game, but didn’t feel as epic as the earlier ones (minigames and all)

  • I was going to buy this game and I’m glad that I saw the first 5 minutes coz now I know I would have regretted it.
    Just can’t understand who would like this? Can anyone explain the appeal? I would love to know why it’s so loved?
    If someone walked in on me watching this dance I would be more embarrassed then if they walked in on me watching porn.

    • I can totally understand your position but I really enjoyed X-2. I don’t normally go for the whole “frenetic J-pop” thing but underneath it there was a really good game. There were plenty of mechanics that I’m disappointed haven’t turned up in other titles (like dresspheres that let you unlock combat jobs like white mage and thief and then let you change them on the fly).

      Besides any excuse to explore more of Spira is alright by me 🙂

      • Cool thanks for replying I genuinely wanted an answer some scenes had some amazing colour especially for a ps2 game

  • I genuinely enjoyed this game when I first played it and I still don’t hate it at all. Hell for all its goofiness I probably still enjoy it more overall than I do X which I wasn’t all that attached to. The battle ‘dress sphere’ system was a lot of fun and as you said, that friggin music. both the Jpop and that glorious menu music are some of my favorite songs to come out of final fantasy.

  • It was all about the combat and class leveling. There was a great deal of depth and it was a joy to play. Yes the j-pop charlies angels dynamic is the polarising beast it always was but if you can look past that, it is a genuinely fun game with a solid story up until the fact that it was just some guy with a big machine who is upset over some personal events
    Sphere break is good fun and exploring and side quests and little bits and pieces of story from characters we know add to the recipe.
    I am however not a big fan of blitzball manager

  • I completely understand the hate towards the game. It was the first proper sequel to a Final Fantasy game and they went in that direction with it. If they had followed the same feel as X it would have felt like a copy, there was no improving on it either, not back then anyway.

    Personally, i loved it. Playing X and becoming so attached to every character especially Tidus and Yuna’s relationship had me sold for X-2 the minute i heard it was coming out originally. I needed to know what Tidus’s ultimate fate was, i needed to know what Yuna was doing now that the summoners were all rendered useless.

    The fact that you got to play a whole new game in the perspective of the character your original one loved so much, in order to find him/bring him back, i thought that was next level and i will always rate this game as strange as the gameplay was a 10/10. Both of them will always stick with me as perfect examples of gaming and storytelling.

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