The Sims 4 Is Releasing Its First 'Stuff Pack' On May 19

Briefly: The Sims 4 is releasing its first "Stuff Pack" next week on May 19 for $US10, EA has announced. It's a "Luxury Pack", which means it adds a bunch of fancy high-end furniture and clothing to the game, as well as two objects with new Sim actions associated with them: a drinking fountain and a banquet table. Snazzy!


    Remember when they said they weren't going to release 'stuff packs' O_o

      and miss out on milking one of the fattest cash cows in existence? This is ea we're talking about, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a new "stuff pack" with 2-3 new items every month. For a small fee of course.

      Last edited 16/05/15 9:11 pm

        lol Of course and absolutely. It's not like I actually believed them lol.

        It's just hilarious when empty promises are made, then broken in under six months. industry......hand in hand. You know. XD

        Now I've got visuals of cows lined up under EA, wish cash flowing out their teets, EA bosses whipping slave labour... "MILK HARDER DAMN YOU! HARDER! GET THOSE CENTS!"

        Last edited 16/05/15 9:57 am

    Stuff that!

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